Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Searching for A Roll-On Wax Warmer?

Roll-On Wax has become very popular! It's phenomenal for speed waxing and full-body services. The Roll-On systems are very hygienic, there's no handling of wax, also no dripping or sticky mess. It's a comfortable method of waxing applied at just the right temperature. Once finished you easily dispose of the cartridge. No need to waste time and money buying additional rollers heads or roller sanitizing products.

We have dozens of options when it comes to the wax, based on brand and performance criteria. Sounds amazing right!? Well, there's one tiny problem... the wax warmers are out of stock due to the global shipping crisis!

While you may prefer a double or triple Roll-On Wax Warmer System, we have some to help in the

The Otta Single Roll-On Wax Warmer is an economical choice that is perfect for standard 100 mL. roll-on wax cartridges. An indicator light lets you know when the wax is ready to use. Comes with 1 handheld unit, base, and power cord.

Available in 3 colors: 
  • blue 
  • purple
  • orange

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