Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Summer Sun Care Essentials

Are you looking to increase your retail offerings? Do you work in a vacation hot spot? An assortment of products for after sun skincare is so important. You can retail one of our best-selling products listed below!

Cucumber After Sun Mask by Primal Elements 

Cucumber powder is rich in vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin after a day of fun in the sun.

This purifying mineral mask is formulated with zinc, copper, and magnesium and is suitable for all skin types. This unique formula aids cellular respiration and provides anti-oxidant protection by shielding against free radicals. The addition of active ingredients reveals a fresh, clear appearance to the skin.

Natural kaolin clay is a deep cleansing clay that is full of nutrients that leave the skin feeling clean and cool. This aids in smoothing deep wrinkles; improving skin texture and the appearance of vital, younger-looking skin.

Chill Cooling Healing Gel Mask

Cool and soothe your skin with the (Skin)Solutions Chill - Cooling, Healing Gel Masque.

Body Serum - Damage Repair

Repair and heal environmentally damaged skin! A formulation of Kojic Acid, Aloe Vera, Squalene, Allantoin, and Hyaluronic Acid supply intense hydration and help to break up sunspots.

An excellent retail option for clients to extend professional treatment!

Taking in some sun during the summer is normal, but afterwards, there should be some extra steps to care for your skin. You can help your clients, and your revenue.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Tan in a Can!

No time to get to the beach this year?  Well I got the perfect product for you - Summer Tan - Aerotan / Aerosol Self Tanner / 9.2 oz.!  This was a big seller last week and will continue to sell all Summer.  So get that perfect tan in a can now!...but what do I know, I'm just a shipping guy!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Rustic Technician Trolleys!

Are you looking for a functional, stylish trolley to complement your space? A lot of the options I see are white or glass, however, we've recently had more requests for something different. I am loving the trolleys that are made for a more rustic, farmhouse look!

The Amelia Wooden Esthetician Trolley 

The Amelia Wooden Esthetician Trolley features 3 Shelves. The combination of design details,
functionality and good looks make this trolley the perfect addition for treatment rooms with a warm style.


  • 3 shelves
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • All 3 shelves feature guard rail edges on all 4 sides to keep products, equipment and supplies from falling off!
  • 4 easy-glide wheels
  • Dimensions: 20"W x 14.5"D x 30.75"H

The Teegan Wooden Esthetician Trolley / 3 Shelves. The combination of design details, functionality, and good looks makes this trolley the perfect addition for treatment rooms with a warm style.

Dimensions: 21"W x 15"D x 31"H

The Hadlee Wood+Metal esthetician Trolley merges beauty, strength, and utility. The box joint shelf construction offers strength and an appealing look. The minimalist metal frame is finished in an attractive high-temperature paint with a delicate sheen texture. The durable easy-glide wheels make mobility a pleasure.

  • 3 Wood Shelves with strong box joint construction
  • Shelves feature guard rail edges on all sides to keep products, equipment, and supplies from falling off!
  • Sturdy metal frame with high-temperature paint finish
  • 4 easy-glide wheels
Dimensions: 17.75"W X 13.25"D X 34"H

This high-quality all-wood cart features a locking drawer on top and a shelf at the bottom with 4 easy-glide wheels for mobility.

31"H x 18"W x 16.5"D

Friday, July 23, 2021

The Top Prenatal Table for Moms to Be!

If prenatal massage is a part of your practice, this table option is a must for you! 

Now it's finally possible for the mother-to-be to relax comfortably in a face-down position during massage therapy. She will love you for it! This innovative table option is the result of extensive research and development by nurse-midwives, massage therapists, engineers, and Custom Craftworks. It is the best prenatal table made anywhere. No other massage table offers these exclusive features!

Remove all of the plugs and insert the sling for prenatal work, remove just the breast recess plugs, or simply insert all of the provided plugs to restore a flat working surface. Breast Recesses and plugs, tummy hole, tummy plug, and sling are all included with this feature! We reinforce the head end of the table for strength by using thicker plywood. The tummy plug is securely held in place from below with two bars when inserted in the table.

Athena Portable Massage Table with Prenatal

The Athena massage table features premium materials and unmatched craftsmanship. Retains movement so that you feel fresher at the end of the day and your clients receive the massage you intended. You can depend on this table for the life of your career. 

Shiatsu Release and Reiki End Panels included.


  • Height Range: 25" - 35"
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Load Rating: 650 lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Manufactured: Oregon, USA

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Pink Vinyl Gloves Available!

Stay safe and look cute doing it! Colortrak's Disposable Vinyl Gloves are now in stock in PINK!

Get superior protection with no powder and no latex proteins. These are the perfect vinyl gloves for those concerned with latex sensitivity. Vinyl has anti-static properties and is great for short-term, low-risk use. It does not contain any rubber or latex and is non-irritating. These are perfect for people with sensitive skin and those who are prone to allergic reactions.


  • 100 Pink disposable gloves
  • Non-latex, powder, and odor-free
  • Single-use, for all chemical process
  • Ambidextrous
  • Dispenser box
  • Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large