Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When Gel Polish Goes Bad...

You can't just add thinner to thickened Gel Polish like you can with nail polish... arrrrgh! Or can you? Well, maybe not normal polish thinner, but now there are non-solvent thinners for Gel Polish. Yeaaaaah, your thick CND Shellac, Gelish, OPI Gelcolor, LeChat, IBD Just Gel and all the others CAN be thinned out. Wooo hooooo!

First, there is Gelos... the Revolutionary Non-Solvent Gel Thinner + Gel Polish Thinner by LeChat by LeChat. Gelos™ [pronounced "Gel-loose"] is a revolutionary non-solvent gel and gel polish thinner. No more wasting product or money. With our new Gelös™ Gel Thinner, use with any gel polish or traditional gel to extend the life of your product. Packaged in 1 oz. bottle with dropper.

  • Restores ANY gel or gel polish that has thickened while maintaining its original curing time
  • Thin out any viscous sculpting gels
  • Allows for easier application of your favorite gels
  • Maximize the use of all soak off and non soak off UV/LED curable gels
  • Packaged with dropper for accurate usage

Next, we have Gel Polish Thinner by Glam and Glits. Restores thick gel polish to it's original consistency for easy flow application. Size: 2 oz. Made in the USA. Instructions: Add 2-3 drops to ANY BRAND OF GEL POLISH. Shake well after each drop. Add more drops as needed.

Both are similarly priced. Either choice is great and both brands can save hundreds of dollars of thickened gel polish for just pennies per gel polish rescue!

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