Saturday, May 30, 2015

Say HELLO To Long, Strong, Beautiful Nails with CND RescueRXx

Are you seeing your regular gel manicure clients coming in with dehydrated, weak, or peeling nails? Are they getting damaged from one too many gel or gel polish manicures? CND, the makers of the #1 gel polish line Shellac, noticed this too....and they set out to fix it. What they came up with is nothing short of AMAZING!

CND RescueRXx is a Keratin Oil Treatment, designed to bond to the keratin proteins in the nail to strengthen and fortify weak nails, while replenishing precious moisture to the nail, cuticle, and nail bed. Power-packed with Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils, your clients will see a marked difference within 1 week of application! Application is simple - twice daily, apply the nourishing oil to the full nail, then massage it into the nails and cuticles

I know what you are thinking - why do you want to get your clients on this treatment regimen, because then they won't be coming in for their manicure treatments, right? Well, while we can understand that - they can only get this treatment from YOU, their trusted nail professional. You should perform a meticulous manicure, so their hands still look spectacular, apply the treatment the first time, and educate your client about the benefits and usage. That way, when they see how amazingly strong their nails become, they will associate that incredible change with YOU!

Clincically-proven results:

  • Week 1:
    • 80% Noticed Improvement
    • 80% Saw less white spots
  • Week 4:
    • 80% Less peeling
    • 80% Less splitting


  • Provide a meticulous manicure:
    • remove cuticle
    • refine nails
    • rejuvenate skin
  • Apply a thin layer of RescueRXx™ to each nail
  • Send bottle home with client for 2X daily use for 1-4 weeks*
  • Schedule a follow up appointment to reassess nails and continue treatment or move on to color service

*1-4 week treatment depending on condition of nails. Once nails are free of delamination and surface white spots, color services can be offered.

According to CND’s clinically proven results, 80% of people said white spots were less noticeable and felt the conditions of their nails noticeably improved in just one week. By week four, testing showed a 73% decrease in splitting and an 80% decrease in peeling. 

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