Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sensitive Skin? No Problem!

Everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with a sensitive skin issue. Whether dry, itchy skin due to weather changes or from allergies or hormones, it's never fun.

Do you offer any special services or treatments for your client's with sensitive skin?  Are you addressing the cause of your client's sensitive skin issue before recommending a treatment?

Do you target them for both short term and long term results?

All of these questions are vital to providing the best possible service to your client's which drastically improves your value in their eyes!

Looking for some different or new product lines designed for those client's with sensitive skin? Check out the most popular ones that I've seen.

Dr. Temt Silk Mask with Sericin for sensitive skin
this was one of the first masks for sensitive skin I tried. I was blown away at how soft it left my skin with no irritation. It's also a great retail item!

Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask 
This is great for sensitive and skin irritations. You can't go wrong with chamomile!

Bilberry Modeling Mask

Pure Collagen Fiber Face Mask with Aloe Vera / For Dry, Sensitive & Sun-Damaged Skin
This is one of the most popular masks I see ordered for sensitive skin

Moor Mud
This is my go to mask. I have never had a single issue with it irritating my skin, it draws any impurities out and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

Calming Hand Masques
Calming Foot Masques

For your waxing client's with sensitive skin:

Mancine- this was from Australia is our most popular and best selling wax.  It heats at a lower temperature, spreads thin (you get more wax for the price!) and is formulated to be non irritating for any skin type/area.

Epillyss Novatherm

Epillyss Sensitive Skin Lukewarm Wax with Essential Oils

CirĂ©pil® Elva Rose Wax

Ultra Sensitive Wax - Soothing Blend / 13 oz. by CLEAN+EASY

Don't forget your massage clients!!!

Soothing Touch Calming Massage Products

ESS® Facial Massage Oil - Sensitive

When your clients value you as an expert, they will not only be lifelong clients, but they will gladly pay for additional or premium services and products.

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