Saturday, January 25, 2020

Are you Nuts? Spotlight on Macademia Oil

Macadamia oil is ample in rich, intensive, and highly nourishing oil! Macadamia oil is a fabulous, protective oil with a high absorption rate and has been successfully used as a healing oil for scars, sunburns, minor wounds, and other irritations.

Part of what makes it so fabulous is the concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids because it closely resembles sebum (the oil naturally produced by one's skin to help protect it).

Incorporate in your treatment with Dr. Temt Magic Macadamia Oil Ampoule!

Ampoules provide immediate and noticeable results with pure active ingredients. This is a thicker ampoule which can be massaged into the skin with or without steam and does not need to be rinsed off. It has more of a serum consistency, it can be followed with a moisturizer or worn alone or as a moisturizer. Some ampoules may be mixed with a liquid foundation to provide long-lasting and complete coverage.

The Macadamia Oil Ample is a rich, intensive and highly nourishing oil Ampoule. It is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

This fine oil comes from the pressed nuts of the Macadamia tree. It is a priceless delight for the skin and has proven itself to be one of the best regenerative oils available.

Effective in protecting and healing skin blemishes such as scars, sunburn, minor wounds and other irritations!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Season Menu: A Chocolate Wrap!

Body treatments are seasonal, and what better treatment for this time of year, than a Chocolate body wrap!

The treatment is luxurious, relaxing, and cost-effective when using the Keyano Chocolate Mousse Mask!

The decadent, light whipped Chocolate Mousse Mask can be used in slimming/anti-cellulite or pedicure treatments.

Key Ingredients: Theobroma Cocoa, Magnesium Sulfate, Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide

Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap Protocols

The ultimate treat for both the mind and body. Imagine yourself totally immersed in a chocolate indulgence that actually produces a slimming effect on the body.

Derived from the Amazon, cocoa is among the most concentrated vegetable sources of energy. It provides minerals such as magnesium and zinc as well as from 1.5 to 3% of theobromine, a methylxanthine very similar to caffeine that has an effect on stimulation of lipogenesis (fat burning).

Recommended Procedure Time: 1 Hour

Items needed for treatment

Step 1: Prepare the table with a blanket, sheet, and towel.

Step 2: Pour 3 oz. of Chocolate Scrub in a treatment bowl.

Step 3: Escort the client to the treatment table and have them lye face down and cover with a towel.

Step 4: Moisten the area and begin exfoliation on the back with the Chocolate Scrub with a smooth circular motion. Have the client turn over and continue with the entire body always in the direction of the heart until the skin feels smooth. The abdomen area is applied in a clockwise circular motion. Escort the client to shower or remove with wet towels.
While the client is in the shower put a plastic sheet on the table.

Step 5: Prepare Chocolate Mask with 1 cup of Chocolate Mousse Mask and approximately 5 oz. of warm water. The mask will fizz and heat up. Mix into a smooth paste. While the client is lying face down apply warm Chocolate Mousse Mask to the back of the body. Check to see that mask is not to hot for application.
Have the client turn over and finish applying to the rest of the body. Only use one hand for application and apply as quickly as possible so the client will not become cold. If removing with wet towels use less mask in your application.

Step 6: Wrap client in plastic sheet & cover with sheet and blanket. Keep the client as warm as possible.

Step 7: Time for 20 minutes. Perform a relaxing scalp, or foot massage while the client is resting.

Step 8: Unwrap the plastic and escort the client to the shower. While the client is in the shower remove plastic leaving the sheet on the table.
If no shower is available to begin removing the mask with heated towels or diapers. If using a Vichy shower, rinse on the table. (Do not use soap)

Step 9: Escort client to the table lying face down. Apply Chocolate Butter Cream to the back, have the client turn over and then apply to the rest of the body. Have the client rest and drink plenty of water.

Sounds simply heavenly doesn't it?

Pro Tip: For a finishing touch offer a massage, using Keyano Chocolate Massage Oil!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cranberry Skincare

Cranberries are packed with skincare nutrients and a secret weapon when it comes to your skin!

Top Benefits

  1. Antioxidant Protecion- They are essential to protect against free radicals and anti-aging! It also protects against fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Hydration- Contain fatty acids which keep the skin moisture barrier intact! It locks in hydration and keeps out environmental irritants, making it ideal for rough and dry winter skin.
  3. Fights Acne- Contains astringent and antiseptic properties, which help to reduce oil production and minimize/clear pores.
So, how can you incorporate cranberries into your treatments? I have some popular products that we swear by! Take a look. :)

This Cranberry treatment utilizes fruit acids and anti-oxidants to moisturize while gently eliminating dead skin cells. It reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. Leaving the skin more supple, taut and radiant. The reduced thickness of the epidermal layer makes it's surface more receptive to the skincare treatments and increases the effectiveness of other ingredients.

This luxurious masque combines cranberry extract, a rich source of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, combined with extracts of shea butter and sunflower seed oil to replenish the skin. 

It helps to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging. Leaves the skin supple and revitalized.

Also available in retail sizes!

Perfect for seasonal spa menus!

This blend of helpful Ayurvedic oils and natural AHAs will leave your skin newly revived and visibly younger. Made with 100% organic brown sugar, this scrub gently exfoliates old skin while locking in vital moisture to keep skin healthy and visibly radiant. Brown sugar contains AHAs, which help to even skin tone. The synergy of the Ayurvedic oils and brown sugar produces natural fatty acids, which lock in moisture, firm the skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin silky smooth.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Add Some Ambiance To Your Spa!

Flameless candles are the safest, easiest way to add a bit of ambiance to any spa!

Hollowick real wax LED pillars operate by remote control or a 3 stage timer (4, 6, or 8 hours) and utilize TruFlame™ technology for the most authentic and realistic flickers and flame color. Unscented real wax with smooth Ivory finish. Candles are sold separately. 450 hours of use on four AA batteries (not included). 

Remote control sold separately (SCR30R).


  • Up to 450 hours run time on 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Unscented real wax Ivory LED Pillars with smooth finish
  • Remote operates ON/OFF function on all size candles
  • One remote controller included per case
  • 3-Stage timer can bet set for 4, 6, or 8 hours.
  • Manufacturer's limited one year warranty
Check out the full collection of flameless votives here!

We also carry gorgeous votive holders. These beautiful cracked glass candle votive has an exotic mosaic look. Available in Gold and Red/Gold.

Getting Down to the Roots: Natural vs Synthetic Wax

Day in and day out, we talk to our clients about the several dozen wax brands and hundreds of varieties of wax we offer. Some clients prefer creamy waxes, others prefer honey wax. Some love hard wax, some like soft wax, many use both! 

One of the biggest differentiators between waxes is if they are made with natural or synthetic resins. But what does that mean, exactly?

Resin is the core ingredient in wax. Natural resin is derived from the sap of trees - typically pine or fir trees. Synthetic resin is a man-made ingredient. 

In many cases, we "believe" that natural products equals better. However, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to wax. According to a blog written by Lilliane Caron, the Owner & Director of Caronlab Australia: 
"Unrefined resins can cause allergic reactions and product instability. Tree resins are generally referred to as Colophonium, or Rosin, on the ingredient listing, but unfortunately you are not going to know if it is good quality until you open the jar. Resins are cheaper to buy if they have strong smells or dark colours and the parts of the resin that cause this also generally cause a negative reaction in the client. If the wax has a strong acid/chemical smell or a very dark brown, dirty colour then it will also probably be very cheap to buy and be more likely to cause a negative reaction. If you are trying a new wax, alarm bells should ring if clients are breaking out with itchy, red skin after or during a treatment. Hard waxes will become brittle and snap off which can lead to hair breakage and bruising of the skin if they are made from inferior grade resins."
On the opposite hand, high-quality synthetic resins are more consistent from batch to batch, and the manufacturer is better able to maintain high standards of quality control, in turn allowing the waxer to trust the product to yield the same results, batch after batch.

If you love a pure white wax, you can rest assured that it is a synthetic resin wax that you are using - natural resin will never lend itself to the pure white color. Synthetic resins are very easy to color and fragrance as well, so your wax that smells delicious is also likely a synthetic resin.

Many people get caught up in the connotation surrounding "natural" vs "synthetic" - but in the case of wax, at the very least, do your research! Synthetic resins are much less likely to cause allergic reactions, or skin reactions of any kind, for that matter. 

What is your favorite wax? Tell us in the comments!