Saturday, September 21, 2019

Top Beds for Med Spas

We talk to successful medical spas every day! Whether you are just opening, or have in business for years. we know what you need!

Take a look at our top picks for beds below!

Ultra-Comfort Spa Table by Equipro

This features a four-section surface that is fully adjustable with an easy-use foot control. This bed is ideal for waxing, facials, injectables, massage, pedicures and body treatments.

  • All adjustments controlled by a pedal with a proximity detector
  • 4 cushions for exceptional comfort
  • Removable adjustable headrest
  • Noiseless system
  • Lowers to 19" from floor
  • Mainly conceived for persons with reduced mobility
  • Ultra-white and ultra-resistant vinyl upholstery
  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in 24" and 26" width
  • Can be mounted on optional wheels
  • Removable armrests optional

Perfect for facials, injectables, IPL, makeup, massage, tattoos and more. The bed also features extendable head and foot section, removable arms, a breather hole and super soft PU upholstery that is easy to clean.

  • Extremely soft & luxurious cushioning
  • Fully Electric - Backrest, Leg Rest, Seat, Height
  • Tilt Function
  • Removable Head Cushion
  • Breather hole

Specially designed to optimize the workspace with it's 240° rotation. 4 motors control height, backrest, and seat inclination as well as a footrest for this model. Also has reversible arms and adjustable headrest.
Also available in white and tan! Although, I personally love grey!

  • Fully Electric
  • Head Cushion (Tilt-Adjustable/Removable) 
  • Leg Cushion (Removable)
  • Removable Arms
  • Tilt Function
  • Rotation System
  • Breather Hole
  • Adjustments Controlled By Side Switches

Friday, September 20, 2019

Environmentally-Friendly Yoga Mat Cleaner Perfect for Yoga and Wellness Studios!

Someone walking on your mat to grab a yoga block..? No big deal if you clean your mat after!

Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers, & Fitness Centers - check this out! 

Cuccio Somatology Yoga Mat Sani Spray Cleanser will be your new favorite product!

For the first time, an environmentally friendly sanitizing mat cleaner that extends the longevity of your yoga mat and helps create a more balanced and uplifting yoga experience. Naturally cleans your mat free of bacteria no matter how much you sweat or practice. Enjoy the refreshing scent of Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera.

Refresh. Replenish. Reuse.


  • Environmentally friendly sanitizing mat cleaner
  • Extends the longevity of your yoga mat
  • Helps create a more balanced and uplifting yoga experience
  • Naturally cleans your mat free of bacteria (no matter how much you sweat or practice)
  • Refreshing scent of Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera
  • Made naturally with antibacterial properties
  • 100% vegan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Animal cruelty testing free

Instructions: Spray directly to mat and wipe down with cloth or apply to damp cloth and wipe down.

Made with naturally made antibacterial properties.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Liquid Gold

New product alert! 24 Karat Gold Dust Peel Off Mask by Body Drench has arrived.

The luxurious Gold Dust Peel Off Mask gently purifies the skin and boosts radiance. Infused with Vitamin C, Wild Rose, and Genuine Gold!

This beautiful gold shimmer formula helps brighten and lighten complexion. The smooth peel-off removal technique also helps draw out excess dirt and oil on the skin’s surface, leaving the skin radiant and refined.

  • Skin brightening formula
  • Dries in less than 20 minutes
  • Peels off easily, leaving skin clean and radiant
  • Enhances and illuminates skin
  • Eliminates dullness and impurities
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Boosts skin radiance
  • Reveals a clear and brightened complexion
Use in service and offer for retail too! 

It's also available in a  6 Piece Display! The suggested retail price is $15 per mask, making this an easy add on or holiday gift!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Waxers, Pay Attention! BULK Wax Cleaner Available!

I'm not usually one to get excited about cleaning, but I do love a good bulk purchase! Pure Spa Direct just added the incredibly popular GiGi Sure available in a NEW economical gallon size!

Where are my waxing studios at? You know you are going through a TON of wax cleaner - being able to purchase it in bulk is fantastic!

Also, any spa or salon should have wax cleaner on is great for cleaning all kinds of sticky residue besides wax!

GiGi Sure Clean is the fast and effective way for cleaning and maintaining all wax warmers, as well as most salon surfaces. This no-rinse formula is truly an all-purpose surface cleaner. It is perfect for removing wax from carpets, floors, upholstery & clothing and is effective on chewing gum, grease, crayons, lipstick and more. Sure Clean is not for use on skin.


  • No-rinse formula
  • Removes wax from carpets, floors, upholstery, and clothing
  • Effective on chewing gum, grease, crayons, lipstick and more
  • Not for use on skin

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Mask Alert! Retail MUST HAVE.

Take a look at this no-brainer retail kit!

Body Drench Facial Sheet Masks

This 57 piece display is the ideal little counter topper for any business! Whether you are a salon, spa, nail salon, waxing studio, wellness center, or something similar, your clients will love this!

Display Contains:
Want to know a little about the products?

Purifying Sheet Mask

Active charcoal draws out dirt and toxins on the surface of the skin, while Witch Hazel helps soothe skin and prevents irritation.
It defends against acne and impurities by cleansing clogged pores!

Brightening Sheet Mask

Vitamin C brightens skin and significantly improves hydration, while white tea helps even out skin tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. The blueberry helps shield skin from harmful free radicals!

Hydrating Sheet Mask

Aloe Vera has antimicrobial properties and provides a soothing effect, while cucumber hydrates, adds moisture, and helps achieve an even-toned glow.

It's great for sensitive or irritated skin.

Rejuvenating Sheet Mask

Contains red wine to help restore collagen and elastic fibers for supple and glowing skin! Pomegranate fights the appearance of fine lines to make skin look younger. 
The Hyaluronic Acid shields skin from sun damage and prevents hyperpigmentation and age spots

Renewing Eye Strips

Orchid reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while cucumber controls puffiness and reduces the look of dark circles!

Immediate results with these amazing eye strips.

Pore Refining Nose Strips

The Black Charcoal cleanses and clarifies by lifting out unwanted dirt and oil, while Witch Hazel helps soothe skin and prevent irritation!

See results in 15 minutes with visibly cleaner and less oily skin!

Want to see more of this amazing line? Click here to see all our new products by Body Drench!