Thursday, August 17, 2023

Elevate Your Spa Sessions with Marimba's Masterpiece Table!

 Discover the Marimba Magic: The Game-Changer in Professional Treatment Tables

Every once in a while, an innovation graces the world of spas, wellness centers, and medical facilities. Meet the Marimba Multi-Functional Treatment Table by TouchAmerica - the epitome of versatility, elegance, and ergonomic brilliance.

A Symphony of Features

The Marimba doesn't just hum; it orchestrates a concerto of user-friendly features:

  • Sleek Tapered Top: Designed for optimal aesthetics and effortless client access. Not only is it visually pleasing, but its form also allows professionals to cater to their clients seamlessly.
  • Dual Functionality: A chair, a table, or perhaps both? Most valued in salons and medical spas for its chair functionality, Marimba is also apt for occasional light massages, providing the versatility of two in one.
  • Electric Adjustments: Empower your services with hand-operated electric adjustments. Whether it's the upper torso or the leg sections, this table adjusts smoothly with its powerful actuators. And speaking of power, its robust pedestal motor stands ready to elevate up to 375 pounds effortlessly.
  • Pedicure Ready: Gone are the days of needing separate stations for pedicures. Marimba's innovative design allows the leg section to retract beyond 90 degrees, perfect for use with stand-alone pedicure units.

Dive deep into the specifics that make Marimba the jewel of treatment tables:

  • Sturdy Frame: A tubular-steel "H" frame base finished with a pristine white powder-coat ensures both durability and elegance.
  • Adjustable Height: Depending on the unit, the table's height can be electrically adjusted, ranging from 24" to 35". This range ensures adaptability to varied client needs and professional preferences.
  • Optimized Design for Shoulder and Neck Work: A removable upper back section provides an optimized platform for precise shoulder and neck treatments, a feature massage therapists and therapists will adore.
  • Elevated Back Rest: The back raises to an impressive 73°, offering optimal comfort for your clients during treatments.
  • Eco-Friendly Upholstery: Wrapped in environmentally-safe PU vinyl, Marimba is as considerate to nature as it is to your clients.
  • Ample Working Surface: A spacious 28" x 72" working surface promises ample room for a variety of treatments.
  • Impressive Weight Capacities: With a lifting capacity of 375 pounds and a static weight capacity of a whopping 800 pounds, this table showcases both finesse and strength.
  • Luxurious Foam: The long-life 4" triple-wrap foam ensures your clients are ensconced in a cushiony embrace, elevating their treatment experience.
  • Accessory Ready: The table top offers insertion points at both ends, making it easy to integrate additional accessories, broadening your treatment options further.

The Marimba Multi-Functional Treatment Table by TouchAmerica stands as a testimony to what impeccable engineering coupled with an understanding of service industry needs can achieve. With its array of features, Marimba promises not just a table or a chair but an experience - for both the professional and the client.

Those on the lookout for an addition to their facility that screams elegance, functionality, and unmatched comfort, the search ends here. Elevate your service offerings; let Marimba take the stage.

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