Friday, June 2, 2023

Decoding the Emery Board / Nail File: All You Need to Know About Grit Grades

A Nail Tech’s Essential Guide: Understanding Emery Board Grit Numbers

If you are venturing into the realm of professional manicures or have recently qualified as a nail technician, there's one crucial aspect you need to master: understanding grit numbers. As a cornerstone of nail care, grasping the logic behind these numbers is crucial. To aid your journey, we have simplified and enriched this information, ensuring it's not only easy to remember but also comprehensive and detailed.

The Magic of Grit Numbers

First things first, let's understand what grit numbers are. These numbers are used to classify the coarseness or fineness of an nail file or emery board. A high grit number indicates a fine grade suitable for gentle processes, while a low number signifies a coarser grit used for more intensive tasks.

Decoding the Grit Numbers

80 Grit: The Super Coarse

An 80-grit emery board is very coarse, making it perfect for removing polish, gel, or acrylics. However, caution must be exercised as it's too harsh for natural nails and can lead to damage.

100 Grit: The Coarse Companion

Moving to a 100-grit board, this coarser grade serves well for shortening nail lengths, with or without acrylics. It's also proficient at shaping the sidewall and free edge of the nails.

150 Grit: The Midway Balance

The 150-grit board is medium coarse. It's the go-to tool for shaping the nail bed or blending nail tips onto natural nails.

180 Grit: The All-rounder

Stepping into medium grits, a 180-grit board plays multiple roles. It shapes the entire nail or nail enhancements such as acrylics, prepares the nail before applying products, and can also be used to shorten or shape the free edge of a natural nail.

220-280 Grit: The Gentle Shine Provider

For a medium-fine finish, 220-280 grit is your best bet. It's ideal for preparing nails before applying UV gel polish, offering just the right abrasiveness for the natural nail and creating a smooth shine.

400-900 Grit: The Finishing Artist

Finally, the 400-900 grit emery boards are extra fine, primarily used for finishing tasks. They are gentle enough to remove ridges and stains while prepping the nail for buffing and shining.

Unleash Your Nail Artistry Skills

Now, with this newfound knowledge, it's your time to shine! Utilize the power of the right grit to file, buff, and polish those nails until they sparkle. Remember, the key to becoming a successful nail technician is understanding how to use your tools effectively. So, grab your nail file or emery board and let the magic begin!

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