Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Transform Your Brow Services with RefectoCil's Intense Brow[n]s

The RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Professional Kit is a game changer for beauty professionals in the spa and salon industry. Offering a complete solution for brow and lash tinting services, this comprehensive kit empowers professionals to deliver exceptional results that will leave clients amazed by their stunning transformation.

The RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Professional Kit includes a range of high-quality tinting products that are designed to create long-lasting, vibrant, and natural-looking results. The kit contains six versatile tint shades, allowing professionals to mix and match colors to suit their client's individual needs and preferences. In addition, the kit includes essential tools such as a mixing dish, application brush, and protective eye pads, ensuring a seamless and efficient tinting process.

One of the key benefits of the RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s is the time-saving aspect it brings to your services. With this all-inclusive kit, professionals can achieve stunning brow and lash transformations in just minutes, allowing them to serve more clients in a shorter period of time. Moreover, the long-lasting results of up to six weeks mean that clients will enjoy the impact of their tinting service well after they leave your salon or spa.

By incorporating the RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s into your beauty arsenal, you'll be providing clients with the exceptional service they deserve. As a result, your spa or salon will become a go-to destination for those seeking gorgeous, long-lasting brow and lash enhancements.

For the 3 techniques developed to respond to your client's individual needs:

  • Full Brow Technique: For a particularly intense look.
  • Ombre Shading Technique: For a natural and feathery-like look.
  • Brow Filling Technique: For more contoured and defined brows.

  • 1x Micellar Eye Make-up Remover (5.07 US fl.oz. / 150ml)
  • 1x Brow Mapper
  • 2x Intensifying Primer strong (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 2x Intensifying Primer medium (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 1x Base Gel ash brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 1x Base Gel chocolate brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 1x Base Gel deep brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 1x Base Gel black brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 4x Activator Gel (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)
  • 1x Tint Remover for Intense Brow[n]s (5.07 US fl.oz. / 150ml)
  • 2x Cosmetic Brushes
  • 2x Cosmetic dishes
  • Intense Brow[n]s product folder & RefectoCil Brand folder

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