Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Empress Chair - The Ultimate in Multifunctional Spa Tables

 The Empress Chair is the premiere entry in TouchAmerica's line of multifunction spa tables. Designed for smaller rooms in medical spas or salons, the Empress Chair is perfect for medi-spa treatments, facials, and pedicures (not recommended for massage). This petite chair/table is ideal for medical spas and facials/pedicures where space is limited.

What sets the Empress Chair apart is its innovative tilt mechanism incorporated in the pedestal design, allowing for inclined treatments. The chair is completely adjustable by four electric motors, operated by hand control, which controls lift, tilt, and adjustment of the back and leg sections.

With its versatile design, the Empress Chair is the ultimate in contemporary elegance, ergonomic design for the therapist, and plush comfort for clients. Its environmentally-safe PU vinyl ensures comfort and durability.

The three-section upholstered top with a tapered upper body section provides maximum comfort and support during treatments. The working surface of 27" x 64" is perfect for a wide range of treatments. With a lifting capacity of 385 pounds and a static weight capacity of 800 pounds, this chair is ideal for a range of clients.

As you can see, the Empress Chair is the ultimate in multifunctional spa tables, providing the perfect solution for smaller rooms in medical spas or salons. Its four electric motors make it completely adjustable for various treatments, while its ergonomic design ensures comfort for both the therapist and the client. With various accessories and environmentally-safe materials, the Empress Chair is the perfect investment for those looking for a versatile and reliable spa table.

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