Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Irresistibly Smooth: The Benefits of Lycon SoBerry Delicious Hot Wax

 To build repeat clients in your waxing business, and provide your clients with the best waxing experience possible, using high-quality, effective wax is ultimate. Lycon SoBerry Delicious Hot Wax is a product that you won't want to miss out on! This vibrant pink, super creamy and flexible hard wax is specifically designed for sensitive areas and is perfect for use in salons and spas.

One of the unique features of this hot wax is its irresistible strawberry scent that smells good enough to eat! But don't be fooled by its sweet aroma, as this hard wax is packed with LYCON's latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology. This helps to minimize redness and make the waxing experience extra gentle for your clients.

Lycon SoBerry Delicious Hot Wax is stripless, making it easy to work with and perfect for removing hair as short as 1mm. Its exceptional flexibility makes it ideal for use on all skin types, even on the most sensitive areas. And with its larger size of 1 Kilogram or 35.3 oz, you'll have enough wax to last you for several treatments, making it cost-effective for your business.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your waxing products. Invest in Lycon SoBerry Delicious Hot Wax, and your clients will thank you for it. With its exceptional quality and irresistible strawberry scent, it's sure to become a firm favorite in your salon.

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