Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Transform Your Spa Experience with the RelaxWell POD Deluxe: A Multi-Sensory Relaxation Station

RelaxWell POD Deluxe is a Multi-Sensory Relaxation Station that offers a unique and optimized wellness experience for the body and mind. The RelaxWell POD Deluxe incorporates 20 powerful wellness technology features that deliver 22 pre-set programs. These features include a combination of convection and dry heat, radiant infrared heating, vibratory massage, a back heat system, ergonomic bed and head cushions, essential aroma diffusion, and pure Himalayan salt air.

The RelaxWell POD is ideal for fitness and wellness enhancement, relaxation and stress management, spa beauty, and body aesthetics services. The RelaxWell POD Deluxe sessions help create the perfect relaxation experience for optimum wellness, meditation, and refreshing mindfulness. The POD is also great for weight management, fitness, anti-stress, mental acuity, body firming and toning, power naps, sleep management, and more.

The RelaxWell POD Deluxe has a controllable body chamber with unique features that make it a perfect complement for spas, beauty, and fitness businesses. It integrates a dry heat sauna and vibration massage in one system and has a comfortable ergonomic bed with a CD sound system. It also features a relaxing ambient light body, an aroma essential oil diffuser system, and a cooling face air.

The POD's dual heat systems are adjustable up to 178°F, while its massage system has dual motors that are adjustable. The lights are low-power, non-thermal, and indirect. The RelaxWell POD Deluxe comes with a one-year standard warranty and an extended warranty is also available.

Please note that the RelaxWell POD is not a medical device, has no medical claims, performs no medical treatments, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is a personal wellness and fitness infrared sauna system and is intended for personal wellness and fitness purposes only.

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