Saturday, December 10, 2022

Now Available for Purchase: Waxness Wax

 Have you seen the BIG NEWS on Pure Spa Direct?

We are now carrying WAXNESS WAX!

You know we love our waxes, and we love finding popular, effective, and cost-effective waxes for you to use in your business, and Waxness is the newest in our huge line of waxes!

If you have not heard of this exceptional wax made in Italy, keep reading! This brand has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and I have talked to so many clients who absolutely love this wax, and I bet you will too!

Our favorite part? Waxness waxes are available in affordable BULK sizes as well!

WAXNESS is a high-quality yet affordable wax. The price for this high-quality wax is exceptionally competitive due to the special patented rubber ingredient making it up to 30% more economical than typical wax. Its high-quality ingredients are specially formulated to meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Waxness offers a variety of formulations and scents to satisfy the different preferences of the clients, all without sacrificing quality!

Waxness uses professional grade high-quality wax tested and approved by professionals. Their wax is scientifically formulated using natural and synthetic resin with a touch of high-tech ingredients to insure the wax is flexible - not sticky on the skin but tough on hair.

With a full line of hard wax, soft wax, roll-on wax, as well as pre- and post-wax products, Waxness Wax is bound to be a hit in your spa or salon! Check them out today!

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