Friday, December 16, 2022

Coconut Oil Tops 2022 List of Top 10 Skincare Ingredients

 According to MedEsthetics Magazine, the top 10 skincare ingredients searched on Google have been released:

Top 10 Most Popular Skin Care Ingredients

  1. Coconut oil - 43,000 searches
  2. Vitamin E - 31,000 searches
  3. Lactic acid - 24,000 searches
  4. Collagen - 23,000 searches
  5. Retinol - 22,000 searches
  6. Hyaluronic acid - 21,000 searches
  7. Glycerin - 20,000 searches
  8. Vitamin C - 20,000 searches
  9. Olive Oil - 19,000 searches
  10. Almond Oil - 17,000 searches
When choosing your skin care products, keep in mind your client's needs and wants - these are the ingredients they are looking for! Be sure to mention when you are using products that include these popular ingredients as well. 

If you use skincare products with alternate ingredients that perform as well or better than some of the ingredients on this list, that is a great time to educate your clients. Clients' interests and requests are often fueled by simple marketing, so when you can educate them on other ingredients they may see better results with, they will be less swayed by marketing, and more loyal to you!

What are YOUR favorite skin care ingredients to look for in 2023?

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