Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Keep Those Waxing Clients All Winter Long!

Just because it is cold and our wardrobes consist more of warm jackets, hats, and gloves than bikinis and shorts doesn't mean you should let your clients off the waxing hook!

Keep those waxing appointments coming in year-round! Why should your clients wax year-round (aside from your bottom line, of course!):

  1. The holiday season in particular very often is filled with parties and gatherings - and most of those are inside. So your clients very well may be wearing short skirts - so obviously, their legs will be on display! Those leg waxers will be glad they kept their regular wax appointment when they don that short skirt!
  2. Hot tubs and cold weather are a match made in heaven! Ski weekends or even just a Tuesday night could very well end up in the hot tub - make sure your clients are ready!
  3. Vacations and holidays are often indulged upon during colder months - and many people hit the beach or warmer climates!
Now that you are armed with some examples to provide your clients next time they give you an excuse or try to give you the slip for their next waxing appointment, let's also give them reassurance that you are taking their winter skin into account!

Using a creamy or moisturizing wax is so important during the winter months! A couple of our favorites
for winter are:
Pre- and Post- waxing is always incredibly important, but never so much as in the winter! Preparing the skin to be waxed by cleaning it thoroughly and using a high-quality wax oil will help moisturize the skin and prevent lifting of the skin. Following your wax with a great lotion will keep the skin supple and keep the client from suffering from ingrown hairs. A few of our favorite pre and post-wax products can be found below:

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