Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Which Wax is Right for You? We Are Happy to Help You Figure It Out!

Since I started working here at Pure Spa Direct 14 years ago, I have tried A LOT of waxes. We test waxes all the time - wax is a very popular category for us, so we like to have first-hand knowledge of as many of the waxes we sell as possible. 

Personally, I always feel more comfortable using soft wax/strip wax, just like some of our clients. Some
of my other team members feel more comfortable with hard wax. That is the beauty of the enormous selection Pure Spa Direct offers - we have such a variety, and we are sure to have just what makes you comfortable and successful! 

Our team has tried dozens of waxes - hard wax and strip wax alike - and we love to discuss waxing with our clients! If you are looking for a new wax, give us a call!

While it is hard to say what is the most popular wax, there are a few standouts. Is your favorite wax on this list?

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