Thursday, September 8, 2022

Vichy Showers are Very Good for Business

When you are working on your spa plans for renovation or build-out, do not forget to include the most relaxing of rooms - a wet room!

Wet body treatments are becoming increasingly popular, and adding a full wet room with a Vichy Shower will help boost your business...and your client's satisfaction!

The incredibly popular WaterWerks Torrent Vichy Shower with 7 Shower Heads is designed for the ultimate combination of rain shower and high-pressure massage. The Vichy rain bar provides seven individually adjustable shower heads that allow spa clients to receive a relaxing and therapeutic water treatment. The attached high-pressure Scots Hose allows you to give an invigorating tissue massage with adjustments in intensity.

A variety of treatments are possible with the Torrent system including hydrotherapy, body polishing, body wraps, circulation massage, pressure point massage, and skin toning.

The Torrent is the only shower of its kind that allows the massage therapist to walk all the way around the table. Our system offers the most accurate temperature control, seven adjustable shower heads, and the most simple operation.


  • Proudly Made in USA
  • ANSI and CSA Certified
  • Installed By: Client's Contractor

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