Friday, September 16, 2022

Looking to Expand Your Practice? Offer Shirodhara Massage!

According to Massage Magazine, "Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment, born from traditional Indian medicine. It is the process of pouring liquid over a client’s forehead directed toward their third eye, or mid-forehead." 

Shirodhara Massage is a unique service to offer, and research shows it to be effective against headaches, stress, and even anxiety. Once trained, Shirodhara is easy to perform, and the equipment you use is some of the prettiest equipment available!

Our attractive Mitra Shirodhara Oil Stand features solid beech wood, copper, and a sturdy base with locking casters. Whether you offer Shirodhara currently or are considering adding it to your menu, the stability, quality, and beauty of Mitra's design make it an attractive option. 

The hand-crafted solid copper Shirodhara vessel, collection bowl, and pitcher are sure to brighten up your room’s decor. Rounding out the copper accents, a casted copper decorative band secures the two-piece beech pole, adding another touch of copper to the usual wooden construction. The hanging vessel is fitted with an oil release and stop valve which is accurate and easy to operate. The weighted base with locking casters offers mobility with stability. The Mitra Shirodhara Set fills a void in the USA for an authentic, well-crafted Shirodhara treatment set.

If you are interested in other Shirodhara equipment, oils, or accessories, please contact our customer service. The Mitra is imported from India and available to ship direct within the US.


  • 80" tall solid beech and hammered copper vessel stand on base with casters
  • Beautiful hand-crafted solid copper oil vessel, 9.6" at top diameter x 8.6" in height with adjustable spigot
  • Matching oil pitcher at 9.25" tall with a base diameter of 6.9"
  • Matching oil collection bowl measures 11.8" top diameter x 3.5" deep.


  • Frame: Solid beechwood with clear polyurethane finish
  • Accents: Copper accents - hammered and cast
  • Base: (4) locking casters; base weighted for stability


  • Structure: 5 years
  • Finish: 1 year

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