Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Hey - What's Your Sign? New Zodiac Themed Tint Brushes & Foil are Here!

Colortrak Zodiac Tint Brushes / 3 Pack

Get ready for Colortrak's Solar Return and let the stars unveil your destiny with the new Zodiac Collection! Reconsider your routine and let this beautiful purple & pink design be an omen of new beginnings and welcome change at your station. Redefined themes of art and creativity are on the horizon. Embrace them and allow the Universe to guide you to infinite abundance and success behind the chair.

Colortrak Zodiac Tint Brushes come in a set of 3, all with gem-cut handles for better grip and tapered ends for sectioning. The sizes include: one XL color brush for maximum coverage, one feather bristle brush for precise painting and a precision feather brush for detail coloring. So no matter what color fantasy is forecast, you can achieve your clients' dreams.

  • 3 different brush sizes to fit all your coloring needs
  • Allows for even coverage at the roots
  • Fun zodiac design

Colortrak Zodiac Pop-Up Foil - 5" X 10.75" / 400 Count

Colortrak Zodiac Pop-Up Foil is made with the optimal texture and thickness to help pros with advanced foilyage and balayage techniques, color saturation and lightening. Embossed for non-slip grip, the pre-cut foil sheets are packed "pop-up style" in one convenient box for easy dispensing. Why use printed foil? To make tracking your highlights and lowlights easier, use a different foil for each color you apply on your client. Or, just use this foil to make your clients' time in your chair a tiny bit more magical.

  • Ready-cut, ready-to-use interfolded hair foil
  • 5 inch x 10.75 inch
  • Textured and thick for foilayage and balayage techniques, color saturation and lightening
  • Embossed for non-slip grip
  • Pop-up dispenser box
  • Economical/no waste
  • Fun zodiac design

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