Saturday, August 20, 2022

Retail Alert! The BEST Hair Clip You Will Ever Try!

 Need a new retail item that your clients will LOVE? Something practical, something useful...

Check out the new Teleties Hair Clips! I know, seems like an innocuous product, and you are saying "Whatever, Tara, a hair clip is a hair clip."

NOT THIS HAIR CLIP! THIS hair clip is nothing short of amazing. I'm sorry for yelling, but seriously,
for anyone with hair, THIS IS The HAIR CLIP!

Teleties perfected the hair tie (for real - I will never go back) and now have re-invented the clip. Each clip has bendable teeth that take back to shape, they work on all hair types and have a strong hold. Hold your hair and enhance your style with the new TELETIES Clip!

Large Clip Details:

  • Great for Thick hair
  • Strong Grip
  • For ALL Hair textures
  • Bendable Teeth
  • The large clip is 4.5 inches long.
Available Colors:

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