Sunday, June 19, 2022

Combine Hydrofusion with Infrared Heat, Steam, and a Vichy Shower for the Most Incredible Client Experience!

Invest in the most luxurious Vichy Shower/Hydrotherapy bath pod on the market, and see your profits soar!

The HydraOcean IR is a state-of-the-art multi-sensory system for hydration, body treatments, hydro-bath and hydro-jet shower services. HydraOcean IR is the first capsule in the HydraSpa POD family of hydration spas to combine Hydrofusion, infrared heat and steam, with a Vichy shower system inside a powerful air-jet massage hydrotherapy bath. HydraOcean IR calls upon the natural powers of water, steam, heat, bath and massage for unlimited restorative, body fitness, wellness hydration and customized spa services. HydraOcean IR future-forward shower, hydro-jet and hydro-bath services create a significant advantage and point of difference for your business and clients in a continuously growing and competitive market as well as a reward for your consumers' loyalty with its sensational hydratioin spa body services.


For centuries, the famous exclamation of the Roman Emperor Nero, "Sanitas Per Aqua" (SPA), meaning "Health Through Water", has symbolized people's belief and practice in water's transforming powers. Innovative features, premium design and exclusive functions are the driving forces behind the HydraSpa PODs family of multi-sensory spa POD systems. They represent a holistic system of balance creating a revolutionary improvement for spa and skin care. HydraSpa PODs capsules allow you to offer clients truly ancient spa solutions to modern concerns.


HydraOcean IR combines the breakthrough concept of Hydrofusion, the blending of 2 heat technologies - steam and far infrared heat with true hydro-massage wellness via Vichy shower with vibration massage, deep hydro-bath soaking and underbody water jet massage, creating an unparalleled multi-sensory wellness spa experience in a personal hydro-wellness tub. With the enrapturing sensation of the advanced ColorBath Chromolight System, mixing mood with aromatherapy and sound, HydraOcean IR allows you to offer an invigorating and blissful collection of skin, face and body care while enhancing relaxing, passive fitness, wellness and the best traditional spa services. Hydrofusion is an extraordinary engineering breakthrough creating a blended energy force through the harmonization of far infrared heat and steam, allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or simultaneously. Increased body temperatures cause the skin to both absorb new hydration and cleanse perspire and breathe. Together, these elements join forces to optimize body fitness and wellness cleansing, and the moisturizing infusion of nutrients for ultimate skin care.


  • 4 Hydro Pre-Set programs
  • 53 Gallon Hydrotherapy Bath (For Bath) with air jets
  • Topical Mist System
  • Steam (direct plumbing)
  • 10 Vichy Shower Heads
  • Radiant Far Infrared Heat & Cool Face Air
  • Vibratory Massage Bed
  • Hydro-bath Massage
  • 8 Chromo-Light System Ports (6 colors)
  • 4 Underwater Chromo-light Stations
  • Aromatherapy - Automatic System
  • Aromatherapy - Manual System (cup)
  • Vitamin/Mineral Product Diffusion System
  • Stereo Ready-1 waterproof 150W speaker
  • Hand Held Shower System (2 spray modes)
  • 8 Hydro-bath Back Massage Jets
  • 8 Hydro-bath Side Massage Jets
  • 4 Foot Massage Jets
  • Hydro-bath Automatic Disinfecting System
  • Underwater Hand Massage (Optional)
  • Touch-Button Control Panel
  • 5.6" LCD Color Display
  • Translucent shell


  • Weight: 117 kg / 258 lbs.
  • Height: (Closed): 125cm / 49"
  • Length: 230 cm / 90"
  • Width: 90 cm / 35.5"
  • Power requirements: 230-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Amperage: 25 A
  • Required water pressure: Min 2-3 bar
  • Water inlet: 1.27 cm / 1/2"
  • Drain connection: 40 mm / 1.57" (tube)
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