Wednesday, March 30, 2022

No Shower? No Problem!

If you've been wanting to add a body treatment into your service menu but haven't due to not having a shower in your space, Biotone has you covered!

Firmi-Sea Body Mud is an effective creme-based mud for firming, stimulating and toning skin which can be removed used warm, moist towels from your hot towel cabinet! This best seller from the Biotone line is made of rich concentrations of algae, minerals and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France. 

Blend with Biotone's Spa Customizing Complex Firming and remember to have Exfoli-Sea on hand to start the service! to offer a full firming body treatment your clients will love! 

Always ahead of the game, Biotone made is super easy to be able to offer this treatment with a protocol video you! To see the video, click here and scroll to the bottom. 

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