Friday, March 25, 2022

NEW Wax warmer Alert!

Bring your waxing services to the next level with the Premium 5lb Large Hard Wax Warmer by
Starpil. This 5lb wax warmer is the newest addition to our premium lineup and allows you to give your salon a new look while elevating efficiency and productivity - all at a much lower price than comparable machines. This premium large wax pot is sleek and seamless in design and features a luxurious, heat-resistant silicone lid holder. On top of its chic design and convenience of use, this large wax warmer also offers our hallmark even and quick heating functions.

With heating up to 120°C / 248°F, an insulated lid for even more efficient warming, easy-to-use features like green and red indicator lights, and an adjustable temperature dial, this warmer lets you easily control consistency.

What the Premium 5 lb. Hard Wax Warmer Has to Offer:

  • Sleek & Seamless Design
  • Heat-Resistant Silicone Lid Holder
  • Heats wax up to 120°C / 248°F
  • Premium chic design
  • Large 5 lb. wax well
  • Has an advanced rapid-response heating system
  • On/Off Switch
  • Green/Red Indicator Lights
  • Adjustable Heating Dial
  • Insulated Lid
  • 360 degree, even, heating

Who is the Starpil Premium 5lb Hard Wax Warmer for?

  • A professional esthie who needs to upgrade their salon’s look while efficiently melting down large quantities of hard wax and working with several formulas throughout the day
  • A full-service esthie with back-to-back clients who need flexibility and efficiency from their wax warmer.

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