Wednesday, February 2, 2022

FULLY STOCKED and It Feels So Good: Gel-Ohh Jelly Pedi

2021 and the beginning of 2022 have seen unprecedented numbers of items on backorder - through no fault of the manufacturers, but a perfect storm of limited employees, limited trucks available, and an incredible increase in commerce. Backorders have stretched for months, with little ability to even estimate when items are going to arrive in the warehouses.

The good part about this is sometimes, we get the BEST surprises! And this morning, it was a surprise delivery of Gel-Ohh Jelly Pedi! Now is the time to be stocking up for pedicure season, and we are fully stocked on all scents!

We absolutely love Jelly Pedis - it provides the ultimate Spa Pedicure experience, using heat therapy to soothe aching muscles and joints and promotes deeper relaxation.

Each pedi set includes a packet of Jelly Pedi. Stir this packet into your pedicure bowl, and watch as the water turns to jelly! Soak feet and massage using Jelly Pedi. When you are done, sprinkle in the dilution solution, and watch as the jelly turns back to water!

Gel-Ohhh is available in a variety of amazing scents:

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