Saturday, January 29, 2022

Offer the Ultimate in Relaxation with Vichy Shower

When designing your spa, adding a wet room will allow you to offer your clients the most serene and blissful body treatments. If relaxation is your goal, there is no better offering than body treatments under a Vichy Shower.

The stylish Ditto Vichy Shower can offer a wide variety of treatments in the wet room. The swinging stainless steel rain bar is 84" long allowing for complete coverage of the guest below. The seven spray adjustable showerheads rotate for maximum coverage and have individual volume controls from full spray all the way to positive shut-off. The swinging 84" rain bar allows complete coverage of your client, and the built-in hand shower, which can stretch from 70" to 100", allows the technician to easily rinse any excess product leftover from treatments.

The control panel has a High-Flo pressure-balancing mixing valve with anti-scald protection that provides a safe, comfortable experience by maintaining a proportioned mix of hot and cold water for any desired temperature. The 3/4" valves and supply lines provide maximum water flow. The temperature gauge allows the technician to maintain just the right temperature of the water. The adjustable hand shower allows the opportunity for augmenting treatments and is also a great tool for product clean-up on the guest.

Purpose and Benefits:

The Ditto Vichy Shower is used in a wet room to provide a soothing and relaxing water massage in conjunction with other services such as exfoliating treatments, body polishing, body wraps, and of course massage treatments. The Stylish 7 Headed Vichy Shower can perform a variety of treatments in the wet room. The swinging 84" rain bar allows complete coverage of the spa guest below. The built-in hand shower allows the technician to easily rinse the guest of excess product leftover from the treatment as well as provide a relaxing experience.


  • Swiveling rainbar shower arm with 7 shower heads
  • 84" long shower arm
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • ANSI and CSA Certified
  • Installed By: Client's Contractor

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