Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Maximize Your Profits By Maximizing Your Space!

Having limited space should not mean you need to lose sales by not offering the services your clients are looking for. If you haven't already considered a multifunction, it might be time to think about how many more services you could be providing to your clients and attract new clients. 

From double combo units to ones that offer up to 10 or more treatments, you can take your services to the next level at an affordable cost. Here are some of our client's favorites that may be a great addition for you as well: 

Meishida Multi Function Facial Machine / 14-in-1 with Diamond Microdermabrasion - the Meishida line has been one of our most trusted lines across the board. From ease of use to budget-friendly price points, it's definitely a line to look into. 

Spa Masters is another trusted brand, with a 13-in-1 Multi-Function Machine that you can even finance for as low as $66/month! 

Looking for something a little more basic, the Cecy 2-in-1 LED 3-Diopter Magnifying Lamp + Ozone Facial Steamer Combo by SHOSH SPA ESSENTIALS is popular a budget-friendly option!

Not sure if you can afford the equipment you really want? Take a look at the financing option to keep your cash flow positive and have the equipment paying for itself in no time!

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