Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Buying in Bulk- More Wax, Less Stress!

It's no secret we're in the middle of a global shipping crisis. With the holiday season fast approaching, you can definitely assume it will get worse before it gets better. Between shipping delays, damages, and supply issues it is very likely this will affect you!

If you're a waxer it is so important to be prepared, because you cannot do any services without enough wax. We have some fabulous deals on bulk wax!

Liquid Gold- 55 lb. Lined Box by DERMWAX

This clear golden beeswax makes it easy to see what is being waxed. Enriched with lanolin which
provides a moisture barrier and maintains the skin’s integrity.

Best for: Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Mature Skin

Miss Cire Pink Beads - Mademoiselle

Miss Cire has developed the purest pink film hard wax for hair removal. Mademoiselle Pink Beads Film Hard Wax is designed for extra sensitive skin. The unique polymer base formula delivers flawless results. Just apply a thin layer of pink wax to targeted areas for hair removal. Miss Cire Pink Film Hard Wax effectively removes both fine and coarse hair. It is recommended for any skin type due to its low-temperature formulation. 

Available in 1.85 Lb. Buckets, 10 Lb. Bags, 23 Lb. Bags - larger sizes decrease your cost per pound!

Full Body Wax - Hard Stripless Wax Beads from Italy

Full Body Film Wax is a special formula hot film wax that was specifically developed to remove hair on any part of the body. Thanks to its special plasticity, it is easily applied by a spatula on large surfaces, forms a thin elastic film that perfectly grabs even the shortest and hardest hairs.

Dermwax Elite Naked

Low-temperature wax (100F). Wax is an extra flexible application that can't be broken, does not create stretchy threads. Appropriate for removal whatever the hair coarseness and length.

Size: 30Lb. Bag


  • Low temperature
  • Very thin application
  • Super quick drying time.
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Vegan
If you need help seeing what will work for you, just ask! We are happy to help!

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