Saturday, September 4, 2021

Repairing Damaged Hair with Saffron

Persians have used Saffron, Pistachio, and Rose in beauty rituals for centuries. Saffron, a spice worth more than its weight in gold, is used to strengthen hair. Pistachio nourishes and moisturizes for bouncy and smooth hair. Adored in Persian poetry and art, Rose has long been used to make hair smooth and shiny. Using modern chemistry, these ingredients now combined give a potent boost to hair longevity.

Joon Saffron Hair Elixir Oil is a great product to introduce in your services and offer retail sales, for your clients between visits!

Joon is cruelty-free. It contains no Sulfates or Parabens.


  • Gives Shine
  • Detangles
  • Defrizzes
  • Non-Greasy
  • Moisturizes
  • Seals ends
  • Heat Protectant
  • Nourishes

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