Friday, August 20, 2021

Need Mixing Sticks? We Got You!

Lately, we have had tons of requests for mixing sticks for wax pots. Look no further, Pure Spa Direct has got you covered! No matter how big your pot is we have high-quality, heavy-duty sticks!

Xen Stix offers the highest quality wooden products, using only A-Grade white birch wood. We offer a wide variety of wooden products such as wax sticks, wax applicators, scoops, wood scoops, makeup applicators, wax stix, brow applicators, lip applicators, and more. Our customers believe in high-quality wood products, however, we believe in more. Xen Stix is setting the standard for your wood product needs. Xen Stix products are meticulously crafted with 100% white birch wood and are produced in an ISO 9002 Registered Facility. 

Our most popular size is the 9" Long XXL Mixing Sticks.


  • Size: 229mm Long x 28mm Wide x 3.5mm Thick
  • 9.02" Long x 1.10" Wide x 0.14" Thick
  • Material: Grade A White Birch Wood
  • Count: Case of 1,000 - Bulk Pack

They are most commonly used for large waxing pots, but there are more uses than just that! Do you use bulk salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, muds, masks, lotions and body butter in large containers ranging from 16 oz. to 5 Gallons? If so you need our XXL Mixing Sticks!

All of the Mixing Sticks come in sizes ranging from 6" long to 21" long, these Birchwood beauties get the job done!

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