Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Give Your Wax a Glow-Up with Miss Cire Waxicles - Sparkle Enhancement for Wax

 A quick scroll through Instagram confirms it - waxers love Social Media, and their clients love seeing and watching hair removal of all kinds!

But now everyone seems to be posting their wax removals on Social Media, so how do you stand out from everyone else and be seen...and more importantly, how are you remembered?

A super popular trend right now is "mermaid" or sparkle wax - makes for an interesting Social Media feed, and clients love the added fun! What if you love the wax you use, though, and don't want to switch to a dedicated sparkle wax?

Miss Cire has the answer! Sparkle Waxicles....yup, they look like popsicles, made of sparkles, that can be melted right into your current wax!

PLEASE NOTE: Waxicles don't really show much on creamy waxes such as Mademoiselle. Waxicles only work with waxes that have a gel-like translucent consistency (You Blue My Mind, Hairy Days Are So Over, Hello Gorgeous, Oh Honey, love You Violeta, or any other waxes that are translucent.) you can use it on any other wax except creamy ones.

How much do I need when mixing it in on the wax pot?

  • 5 Lb or smaller wax warmer - 1 Waxicle
  • 10 Lb or bigger - 2 Waxicles

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