Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wax Spotlight: Lycon Active Gold

When I was looking for a new wax to try this week, I knew I wanted to try out one of Lycon's popular soft waxes. As one of the most popular waxes in their lineup, Lycon Active Gold was a clear choice!

Lycon describes Active Gold as such: Like liquid gold, luxurious to apply and to look at! An extremely popular strip wax. Glows like gold and removes hair effectively, gently and quickly. Contains the soothing benefits of Chamomile and the finest grade of gold Micro Mica, for extra gentle waxing and no skin drag.

This wax is absolutely beautiful and applies very easily. It goes on very thin, so for waxing large areas, this is an effective, economical choice! I found this wax to be a dream when removing fine, thin, and medium thickness hairs, but it did not perform quite as well on short, stubborn hairs. However, it was very gentle on the skin...and one wax generally can't do it all!

This wax was a dream to work with for large waxing areas, such as arms and legs. And unless the hair is very thick or coarse, I think this would be a great choice for some male waxing as well! Lycon Active Gold removed hair in 1 pull and left the skin clear, smooth, and free of residue.

If you are looking for an excellent wax for large areas, fine hair, and sensitive skin, Lycon Active Gold is a great option!

Available in 14 oz tins and 27 oz tubs!

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