Friday, April 16, 2021

Add A Little Shimmer!

Attention Stylists! Do you like to add personal details to your space to give it a fun vibe? Looking for a little pop in your social media activity? Colortrak offers some everyday supplies in fun designs to help with that. Take a look!

Colortrak Galaxy Glitter Brushes

Ultra Soft feather bristles for smooth applications. The 2 pack set of Glitter Brushes includes one signature wide color glitter brush and introduces their latest brush, the extra-wide color glitter brush, both perfect for any hair coloring technique. 

Colortrak Aurora Collection - Color Bowls

Let these shimmering Aurora Collection bowls light up your color station!


  • Shimmery gradient design
  • Non-slip bottom for better stability
  • Stackable color bowls with handles
  • Measurement markings

The Luminous Spray Bottle produces a stream of sustained mist that lasts a few seconds with multiple pulls of the trigger, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily, holding sprays for 3 seconds, achieving continuous spray effect.

  • Full 360° distribution
  • Easy pump reduces hand fatigue
  • Reusable, refillable
  • Monitor water level through a quick view window
  • "Flairosol" is an eco-friendly alternative to aerosol
  • Capacity: 250ml/8.5oz
  • Colors: Lilac Frost & Platinum Ice

Black with gold glitter and silver star, 400 sheets per box. 

  • Pre-cut ready to use
  • Pop-up dispenser box
  • Non-slip texture
  • Embossed with a non-slip grip
  • Texture and thickness are optimal for advanced foilayage and balayage techniques, color saturation, and lightening!

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