Friday, February 5, 2021

Practice Makes Perfect!

If you're a student, you can certainly order from Pure Spa Direct! We even have several options to help you practice and perfect your skill!

For Makeup Artists, we offer the Celebrity Eye Shadow Pallet! It's perfect for practicing eye shadow and eyeliner application and has 4 sets of practice eyes per pallet!

For Nail Technicians we offer an assortment of Practice Hands, to assist in whichever style you are wanting to practice! 

One of our best sellers has been the ProTool Practice Nail Trainer Hand!

It even has moveable fingers and a flexible arm. Just like a client's hand, the ProTool Practice Nail
Trainer Hand bends and pivots like a human hand. With movable finger joints and a flexible arm, you won't believe how real this practice hand seems!


  • An invaluable tool for fastest learning and expanding your nail services.
  • Practice any nail art or application: gel, acrylic, fiberglass, airbrush, e-drill, maintenance backfills, and more!
  • Clamp the flexible arm to any table, at your nail station, or at home.
  • Display your sleek nail art designs to clients.
  • The model hand is built with premium quality material. Fingertips are made of resilient soft rubber that's long-lasting and like actual fingertips!
  • Comes with 100 replaceable tips. The arm extends to 16 inches.
For Colorists, we have the Celebrity 100% Human Hair Testing Kit. Perfect your skill by practicing on these! Each piece is a different shade of color with its own plastic top for easy handling. The plastic top can be hooked onto clear plastic included.

If you're a Brow Specialist or waxer, this may be right up your alley! Check out the Celebrity Eyebrow Tweezing Pallet to practice tweezing and shaping with four pairs of eyebrows.

We also offer a large selection of cosmetology hair mannequins for beauty school, salon education, and state board examinations. Salons purchase our manikins for learning new cutting, coloring, straightening, and processing techniques. 

You will find all types of manikin heads from human hair, synthetic hair, straight hair, ethnic hair, facial hair, beards, and even eyebrow hair. We also have accessories such as holding clamps, tripods, wig dryers, and foam heads.

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