Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Benefits of a Post Wax Soothing Gel

 Are you using a post-wax cooling gel? I can tell you from experience it's a nice touch to finalize your service. It soothes the skin once the wax treatment is complete. We carry an assortment of gels that contain ingredients which fight bacteria, helps to repair broken skin and reduces swelling. 

Harley Waxing UK - Aloe After Care Soothing Gel

The purpose of the Harley After-Wax Soothing Gel is to soothe the skin once the wax treatment is complete. The soothing gel reduces skin irritation, redness, and the possibility of any ingrown hairs.

This water-based gel does not contain oils and does not clog the hair follicles after hair removal procedures. Due to the content of menthol, it cools nicely and soothes the skin, leaving a smooth and silky feeling. 

Contains Aloe Barbadensis extract, which soothes the skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory. It also contains Hamamelis Virginiana (with-hazel) extract, which fights bacteria, helps to repair broken skin, and reduces swelling. It can be used both before soft waxing procedures and hard waxing procedures as well. 

Available by the case too!

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