Monday, August 31, 2020

Take A Hike Cuticles!

Sloppy nails with excess cuticles?  Not any more, with CND Service Essentials - CuticleAway / 6 oz.!  We sold these by the dozens last week.  As a male I definitely don't have the prettiest nails, but I tried this once and I couldn't believe the difference!  It seemed the cuticle away was always bought with orangewood sticks.  I guess they go together...but what do I know, I'm just a shipping guy!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sports Massage Add-On: For Muscle and Joint Support

Kneipp is a top European brand specializing in preservative-free, vegan, aromatheraputic products made from plant-based functional ingredients. The effective naturopathic studies of the health pioneer and "water doctor" Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation in 1891 for the development of the Kneipp brand. Today, Kneipp continues its heritage by providing meticulously crafted body, bathing and skin products that nourish, beautify, and invigorate the skin from head to toe! They make phenonemal
products to be used in service, and for retail.

Kneipp Intensive Cream - Joint & Muscle - Arnica

When used with massage, it can help to revitalize with botanical ingredients to help ease discomfort and stiffness. Great for your active client's, or those who overdid it! Arnica blossom and plant oil pamper and hydrate the skin, making it the perfect choice for targeted muscle massage. Vegan. Free of paraffin, silicone, mineral oils, and animal testing. Dermatologist tested and recommended.

Also available in Professional Pack!

When your clients love this treatment, suggest similar products for retail, great for home use.

My personal favorite is the Mineral Bath Salt for Joints & Muscles, it is simply amazing!

Add to a warm bath for a steamy aromatic treatment, or use hot towel compresses, to help soothe overworked bodies and minds. Free of paraffin, silicone, mineral oils, and animal testing. Dermatologist tested and recommended.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pomegranate Perfection by Keyano

One of our best selling lines is Keyano Aromatics. Keyano is devoted to making massage supplies that delight the senses and leave your clients craving more. All Keyano Aromatic products are environmentally friendly, free of animal ingredients and animal testing. Each Keyano collection is carefully formulated using the principles of naturopathy and contains only the most powerful, finest ingredients available.

Pomegranate is especially effective for dry and dull skin, and makes an ideal scent for fall and winter!

Pomegranate Mineral Bath

Pomegranate Mineral Bath is developed to provide you with a superior additive to the foot bath to assist in the removal of dead skin cells, soften calluses, kills fungus and strengthen nails. A blend of mineral salts harvested from the Dead Sea.

Available in 64 oz. too!

Pomegranate Scrub

Formulated to To exfoliate dull skin of hands and feet leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

Available in 80 oz. too!

This mask restores the skins water-lipid layer and increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, neutralizes free radicals and protects connective tissue. The Moisture Mask will reverse sun damage, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, erase lip lines and firm, life and tone aging skin. Great for use in facials, body treatments and pedicures.

Available in 16 oz too!

Pomegranate Butter Cream

The ultimate hydrating treatment for the hands, feet and body. With 20% Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, vitamins A, C and D and natural food grade preservatives.

Available in 64 oz too!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Satin Smooth: Sheet Mask Collection

These masks by Satin Smooth, a luxury skincare innovator, has introduced the Ultimate Premium Quality Sheet Mask Collection with six customized, serum-drenched facial masks!


  • Contains 24 masks in perforated display box
  • Individually wrapped, sanitary and hygienic
  • Single use, 15-minute treatment
  • Convenient for salon, spa, and at home
  • Dermatologist tested
Easy and convient in service, and makes a great retail product!

The Brightening Mask is highly concentrated with vitamin C, niacinamide, green tea and morus alba bark extract to help brighten and illuminate skin in just 15 minutes.

The Charcoal Mask is enriched with activated charcoal to help clean and purify oily skin. It also contains niacinamide and acai berry extract, which can aid in balancing skin tone and refining pores for softer, smoother-looking skin.

The Moisturizing Mask contains highly enriched hyaluronic acid that quickly plumps and tightens skin for an overall smoother look. It also provides a balance of nutrients and advanced moisturizing ingredients to help restore dry, dull skin to a beautiful glow. 

The Nourishing Mask is enriched with plant extracts to maximize hydration and provide powerful nutrients for healthy-looking skin. It contains ingredients such as amino acids, ginseng extract, argan oil and adenosine, which increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

The sensitive skin mask contains aloe vera, tea tree and chamomile extracts to deliver maximum hydration and balance to the skin in just 15 minutes.

The Stem Cell Mask contains plant-derived stem cells, grapefruit extract, niacinamide and ginkgo extract, known to help tighten sagging skin and improve skin tone and texture.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Most Advanced Massage Chair

Looking for a simple way to add services to your business? With limitations on services you can offer, a chair massage is a way to add additional services to the spa or salon waiting room!

Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package


  • Patented composite frame
  • High quality, Soft Support removable pads
  • Natursoft Upholstery in seven colors (Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Hunter, Maries Beige, Mystic Blue and Teal)
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel clutches
  • Package includes: chair, carry case with wheels, sternum pad, valuables pouch and instructional DVD

The Avila II is one the world’s most advanced massage chair - infinitely adjustable, ergonomically designed and ultra compact. The leg and seat shapes plus the chair angles are expertly designed to provide optimal weight distribution maximizing comfort and support.

The Soft Support cushioning system wrapped in Earthlite’s supple Natursoft upholstery provides the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Lime for Skin Lightening

Fruit collagen masks with marine collagen are rich in anti-oxidant properties that help to fight against skin inflammation and promote anti-aging effects. Deep cleanses skin, making it softer and more elastic. Nourishes skin without synthetic oils, chemicals, or preservatives. Fruit extracts and collagen also assists in the production of dermal protein and speed up metabolism. Fruit masks are made from
pure, natural fruit extracts, Marine collagen, and cruelty-free ingredients.

They are very safe to use and do not contain any harsh chemicals harmful to the skin. Contain natural vitamins and nutrients that help keep the skin healthy and youthful looking. They are the preferred, effective, and the safest choice because they are products of nature themselves and are naturally endowed with a wealth of nutrients that work to boost the skin cells.

Today's mask spotlight is the Fresh Lime Anti-Spot Mask!

Uses: All, freckles, and uneven skin. It targets age spots, sunspots, and liver spots!

Lime essence, Vitamin C, Grape fruit extract, and Arbutin greatly suppress dermal melanocytes, lighten hyperpigmentation and allow skin to be translucent. Fruit acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the renewal process, giving the face a fresh, bright and radiant appearance.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Pedicure Spotlight: Raspberry Sorbet

Are you looking for a new and exciting pedicure special? Try the Raspberry Sorbet 02 Bubbly system! 

It's infused with raspberries and flower petals that can improve the overall feel and look of your feet! Raspberries work like magic on wrinkles and act as a natural mask to protect your skin against the sun's rays. Its antioxidant powers can reduce age spots and discoloration!

What does an Oxygen Pedicure do?

  • Cleanse & unclog pores- The micro-size bubbles work naturally to provide deep-cleansing and unclogging of the pores. They are known to deliver oxygen to the skin's barrier to a smoother and more supply look.
  • Hydrate & nourish- The gentle yet effective body butter wraps the skin in a blanket of pure moisture that hydrates and nourish, for a healthier and glowing complexion.
  • Tighten and brighten- Carbonated water helps firm and tighten up the skin, removing dead skin cells and purify the pores for a youthful and well-toned skin.
Benefits of O2 Oxygen Pedi-in-a-Box
  1. Experience a refreshing, fun, fizzy and scent-sational bubble bath for feet
  2. Cleans and unclogs pores for a smooth and pore-fect feet!
  3. Soothe and invigorate skin
  4. Reduce wrinkles & fine lines. Welcome youthfulness!
  5. Detoxifying and purifying for a well-toned skin.
  6. Increase blood flow and stimulate circulation.
  7. Improves overall health of your feet. Happy Feet!
  8. Safer skincare with powerful result.

This includes perfectly portioned 4 step products for a detoxifying & purifying SPA pedicure service.

4-Step Spa Pedi-in-a-Box:
  • DETOXING Bubbly Bath -  Pouring the Soak in running water will create more bubbles. Fizzy & Bubbly with citric acid!
  • RENEWING Sugar Scrub - Scrub the soles to remove dead skin then work around the entire foot. Gently massage for exfoliation then rinse completely and pat dry. 
  • DEEP CLEANSING Bubbly Mud - Apply Bubbly Mud and leave it on during nail preparation (cut, shape, etc.). Bubble formation speed is based on body temperature. Highly refined mud with Oxygen Bubbles!
  • NOURISHING Massage Butter - Apply Massage Butter and massage gently. Effortless gliding formula.

Also available in Mint Mimosa and Caffe Macchiato! The mint mimosa is a mix of fresh mint, citrus and sugarcane that will effectively boost your skin's health. An excellent skin cleanser to soothe skin, help cure infections and reduce irritation. It can also relieve symptoms of acne and heal scars. The Caffe Machiato is a blend of coffee, extracts and oils that can make your feet happy! It has a powerful antioxidant punch that fight premature aging of the skin. It also features skin tightening, soothing, brightening and a great exfoliator!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Fall Is Coming..

Oh Boy - It's starting already! Fall products have hit the shelves at Pure Spa Direct. Pumpkin scrubs, oils, creams, masks and especially pumpkin pedicures!

We sold A LOT of the Voesh Deluxe Pumpkin Spice Pedicure In a Box last week.  I guess people like their toes smelling like pumpkins....but what do I know, I'm just a shipping guy!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The "Quarantine 15"

You've heard of the quarantine 15 right? Quarantine weight gain is real, and very common. Want to add a simple service to your menu that will help your clients firm up?

Try the Handheld 3-in-1 Slimming & Shaping Device!

Most states are limitied in the services they are able to perform and looking for some simple add on treatments. This handheld instrument is at an amazing price of $175 and will be pure profit after only 2-3 treatments!

Suitable for eliminating the appearance of fat deposits, cellulite and wrinkles. This Thermal Sculpting EMS Fitness Instrument features three-non-surgical treatments - ultrasound, far infrared ray, and microcurrent - to help sculpt the body, trim excess fat and smooth cellulite.

Curious how it works?

  • MHZ ultrasound probe with particular frequency to reduce fat cells using mechanical massage, heat, and biochemical processes. Will also reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • The carbon filter bundle surrounding the ultrasound probe generates far infrared ray with a wavelength ranging from 8 - 12 um. It can penetrated into deep skin, boost energy, activate cells and accelerate metabolism.
  • Microcurrent massage using the 4 electrode plates stimulates the muscles with passive movement. Muscular movement consumes fat, sugar and carbohydrate of surrounding tissue. Normal muscular movement consumes 60-70 joule energy per second, but under high frequency movement, muscles can consume 3000-4000 joule energy per second.
This should be used with a conductor gel. Our top recommendation is Collagen Elastin Conductor Gel by SCF

Formulated as the optimum gel conductor for all types of modalities - ultrasonic, galvanic, and microcurrent devices.

This clear, rich conductor gel contains Collagen and Elastin plus two active Hyaluronic Acid ingredients to increase the skin’s elasticity. It deeply moisturizes dehydrated skin and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.cellulit

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Waxing Sensitive Skin

I have heard people say they won't get waxed, due their sensitive skin. Waxing can be perfectly safe for your clients with sensitive skin. You can be sure of this by using a high quality wax!

Want to see our top sellers?

Epillyss Cocooning Lukewarm Wax

This wax offers a very special touch yielded in particular by the addition of sea collagen which
contains moisture, softness and re-mineralization properties due to its mineral density. Its high natural level of vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and oligo elements makes it a stimulating and tightening component.

Crystal - Hard Stripless Wax by ItalWax

Semi-transparent wax has superior elasticity. Premium level synthetic wax is intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits). The wax is free of natural pine resins, therefore it never causes allergy reaction. Synthetic hard film wax Crystal has very low melting temperature is extra-flexible and doesn’t create stretchy threads.

Besame Mucho - Hypoallergenic Stripless Film Hard Wax by Miss Cire

It is made from synthetic rosins allowing an effective and clean removal for short, thin and coarse hair with no pain or irritation. Its low temperature provides an even and steady melting and contributes to customer comfort. It has a velvety texture, it dries fast for speed waxing, its great
elasticity prevents from breaking or getting brittle.

Pure Olive Oil Hard Wax by Mancine

Mancine's most popular strip wax brings you all the benefits of Olive Oil - soothing formula for sensitve areas. Formulated for use at low temperatures and soft enough to spread thinly. Strong enough to grip and remove the toughest hair leaving no sticky residue. A natural, soothing wax, perfect for sensitive skin. You can expect outstanding results every time.

Want to talk wax? Give us a call, we are happy to help you find the right fit for you!

Friday, August 21, 2020

The BEST Pedicure Scrubs

Lately, I've had a lot of inquiries for new pedicure scrubs. Either the brand they used previously is no longer being made, or they're just in the market for something different. Let me share with you our
top 5 pedicure scrubs!

1) La Palm Products Organic Jojoba Pedi Scrub- Coconut Cream 

You can't beat this price! Leg and foot cleansing scrub exfoliates and conditions while removing unwanted dead skin. Specially formulated with Jojoba, Aloe Vera, and pumice to soften and reduce callused skin.

2) Cuccio Exfoliating Pedicure Sea Salt Foot Scrub - Milk & Honey 

Get soft, touchable feet with the Cuccio Pedicure Foot Scrub. A gentle yet effective foot exfoliator treatment that removes dead skin without harsh scrubbing.


  • Exfoliates Flawlessly: Made using all-natural honey, Cuccio pedicure scrub offers a double exfoliation process that smoothes skin until it's flawless.
  • For Best Results: Try this sea salt scrub with the entire 4-Step Cuccio Milk & Honey Pedicure System.

This is the real deal! Footlogix offers products developed specifically to address a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the feet, from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes and fungal infections.

It's formulated with the highest grade imported, organic seaweed, optimally blended with essential oils and polished, micro-grained pumice. Uniquely scented, invigorating, lightly foaming scrub exfoliates dead skin cells on feet and legs while toning.

It's made from all-natural sugar, certified organics like Argan Oil from Morocco, replenishing jojoba oil, soothing lavender, and refreshing mint.

  • Incredible Results: Skin is left velvety smooth with a radiant youthful glow. For hands & body too!
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and harsh preservatives. Made in the USA.

Amber's clay-based Green Tea Mint Hand & Foot Scrub with Apricot Seeds exfoliates and treats callused dry skin, and aging hands and feet. Soften and revive the skin using Algae Extract, Red Vine Extract, Arnica, Horse Chestnut Extract, Ivy Extract, and Aloe. Peppermint Essential Oil is added to stimulate blood flow and create an intense cooling effect.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Seeing Clearly

How is your mag lamp holding up? I constantly speak with clients who are looking for a new mag lamp. A common complaint is that it doesn't stay up, and the arm constantly falls. This is very common with some budget-friendly models. They look and work great, but are not made to last. Tired of buying a new lamp every year or so?

Take a look at some of our best sellers, that are made of the best quality materials and really last!

Teviflex LED Magnifying Lamp / 3.5 Diopter by Equipro

This magnifying Lamp is a great choice for salons, spas and medical settings. It is ideal to analyze your client's skin condition, determine their skin type, to formulate a treatment plan, to perform extractions and many other treatments.

The LED lighting is both energy-efficient and extremely long lasting - this lamp will provide you with 50,000 hours of light! LEDs also offer crisp, bright light and glare control, putting less strain on your eyes as you work.

The articulating arm offers a sturdy 39-inch reach that you can easily adjust and position to exactly where you need light and magnification during your treatments. It has a premium quality 6-inch, wide-angle scratch-resistant glass lens.

Made In Germany!

Circus 5 Diopter Magnifying Lamp - Made In Norway

Luxo’s Circus Magnifier now combines its sleek styling and high-output illumination with a newly redesigned metal housing. The highly flexible, self-balancing shade allows the lamp head to be positioned horizontally, vertically and laterally. A fully enclosed, hands-free neck assembly not only makes the Circus Magnifier simple to adjust, but also ideal for Industrial and Manufacturing environments as well as Cosmetology, Health Spas, Beauty Salons and Clean Room applications  where optimal sanitation is sought.

Equipped with a 6.5" diameter, crystal clear 5 diopter lens (also available in 3.5 diopter), guaranteeing you will be free of the green hue typical in poorer quality lenses. With one of the sturdiest arms in the business you won't have to worry about a weak spring causing your lamp to fall on a customer. This is definitely the last you will ever have to buy. Arm measures 47" from base to center of lens. Rolling stand, table clamp or wall mounts are optional ad-ons.

Invest in a quality Mag Lamp, you will not be dissapointed!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Our BEST Topcoats

Top Coat: Prevents smudges while drying to a smooth, high-gloss, protective shine. 

There is a lot to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Let me show you our fan favorites to help you make your choice!

SpaRitual Multi-Tasker Basecoat & Topcoat

Provides a perfect foundation and a sleek, high-gloss, UV-protective finish in one bottle. Also prevents nail lacquer from fading or yellowing.

Seche - Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Penetrates through nail polish to the base coat, creating a durable coating over the nail. Makes nail stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. Guaranteed not to yellow.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Top Coat

OPI is renowned globally for its Nail Lacquers - a brilliant, chip-resistant, professional formula available in hundreds of fashion-forward colors. With clever names that customers look forward to with each new Collection, OPI Nail Lacquers are beloved around the world and trusted by professionals. All OPI lacquers are DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free.

Cuccio Super 7 Second Reactive Topcoat

Super 7 Second reactive Topcoat is a super quick-drying formula that is redefining the way you protect your nail color. It creates a high gloss finish with incredible long-lasting durability. It contains photoinitiators and fast-acting monomers that react with natural light so it sets super fast. Super 7 seals in color by creating a coating that is second to none.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Back In Stock at Pure Spa Direct! ItalWax HAS ARRIVED!

The shortage of the year seems to be coming to an end! No, I am not talking about toilet paper or
paper towels....not even about disinfectant spray, but...

Never fear, ItalWax is back here! :)

Our best-selling wax brand is back in stock and ready to ship again!

Check out some of our most popular below:

ItalWax Film Wax - White Chocolate

Medium dense wax with Titanium Dioxide and light vanilla aroma. White in color, non-transparent. Characterized by high plasticity while does not create stretchy threads. Does not leave irritation or redness on the skin. It’s soft and smooth structure is gently covering each hair and pulls it with less pain, whereas sweet aroma relaxes the client. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs, recommended for Brazilian waxing.

ItalWax Film Wax - Full Body Wax
Full Body Film Wax is a special formula hot film wax that was specifically developed to remove hair on any part of the body, with a gorgeous, luxurious GOLD color. Thanks to its special plasticity, it is easily applied by a spatula on large surfaces, forms a thin elastic film that perfectly grabs even the shortest and hardest hairs. Wax is removed without strips usage.

Just look at this pickup power!

ItalWax Film Wax - Azulene
Applied in a thin layer, removed as a film. Characterized by short set up period and allows experienced beautician to perform depilation procedure in conditions of tight work schedule. Contains natural Guaiazulene, which is known for its soothing effect. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs. Ideal for all body waxing, including big surfaces and delicate areas.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Give Your Ears A Break!

Are you tired of your face mask bending your ears forward?  Do you need some relief?  Well I got the answer for you!  Ear Saver Mask Extenders!  I love them because they are soft and squishy and takes the burden off your ears.  We sold hundreds of these last week!  They must be super comfortable....but what do I know, I'm just a shipping guy!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Massage Tools to the Rescue

Clients and therapists both benefit when massage tools are used in combination with technique. Massage therapists work hard, and these tools help them do their job. They are simple, effective, and extremely hygienic!

Take a look at our best sellers!

TheraTools Soapstone Sculpting Massage Tool 

Save your hands!

The Soapstone Sculpting Massage Tool’s weight and design will do the work for you. Featuring identical rounded edges, this weighted tool is perfect for deep effleurage on large surface areas, such as quads, hamstrings, and gastric muscles.

Made of soapstone, this professional massage tool retains both heat and cold to provide versatility in your services.

Dimensions: 6" L x 2.5" W

Bongers Massage Tool

Pound away office tension with the flick of a wrist. Each pair of Bongers is designed with a flexible shaft and soft rubber ball for an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage.

Ideal For
• Sore Muscles
• Headaches
• Poor Circulation
• Cellulite

They're good for breaking down muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Most everyone stores tension in their neck and shoulders and Bongers are just about always effective there.

PerfectSense thermaBliss - Lava Shells 

Ease therapist wrist strain with these Lava Shells. Handcrafted of high-quality ceramic and crushed seashells, each shell is hand-painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of the natural Codacia shell.

Use this shell to reduce the physical stress on the therapist during treatments. The non-porous surface allows super-fast cleaning and sanitization in under 2 minutes for quick service turnaround.

Uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management. 4 shells per pack. Dimensions: 4" x 3.5"

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Seaweed Cellulite Treatment

Are you looking for a body treatment that really works?

Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Wrap

Not only is this extremely effective, but it's also simple to use. It comes ready to use, no blending is required!

Available in 2 sizes:

The treatment is ideal for most businesses, as the seaweed gel can be easily removed with moist shower needed!

Key Ingredients:

  • Willow Bark Extract - Soothes and smoothes. Astringent, antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, detoxifying, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. .
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil - High in Vitamin C. Stimulating and bactericidal.
  • Aloe Vera - Great skin nourisher and moisturizer. Detoxifying, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. Soothes and smoothes.
  • Klamath Blue-Green Algae - An algae from Klamath Lake rich in minerals. Detoxifies and moisturizes.
  • Sea Kelp Extract - A botanical extract from sea plants, which contains Vitamins A, C, E, and B-Complex. It is soothing, moisturizing, nourishing, restoring, softening and because of its high vitamin and mineral content, benefits the skin greatly.
  • Lavender Essential Oil - An essential oil that is analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Provides cleansing, balancing, soothing, and healing properties.
If you are just starting out take a look at this kit, it comes with everything you need! 

Kit Includes:
  • Qty: 2 - Thermal Mylar Foil Single Sheet 52" x 84", 3 Count
  • Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Bamboo Silk Massage Lotion 8 Oz
  • Heavy Duty Mylar Blanket - Reusable & Reflective Surface - Blue
  • Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Wrap 32 oz.
  • Washable Wool Woven Blanket in Gray - 66" X 84"
  • Qty: 5 - Thermoplastic Film Single Sheet, One-Time Use 60" X 75"
Pro Tip: Offer dry brushing as an add on service to stimulate blood flow and increase results!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Whats Cooler Than Being Cool?

Say goodbye to hot and tired summer feet. Take a look at Voesh's newest add on option!

Voesh Cooling Therapy Knee High Treatment Socks 

Experience an ice massage without the ice and get an instant, soothing feeling of relief. A powerful
blend of ingredients brings long-lasting comfort and a refreshing kick. Goodbye to those "my feet are killing me" moments!

Great for:

  • Refreshing feet on hot summer days.
  • After standing for long periods.
  • Nourishing & soothing your legs.
  • Removable toe-tips for at-home pedis.
This product should be offered in service, and as a retail item as well!

Key Ingredients for revitalized legs & feet:
  • 10+ HERBS & MENTHOL - brings a cooling, tingly sensation for an invigorating experience.
  • 3+ MINT & TEA TREE BLEND - leaves skin feeling hydrated & minty-fresh.
  • CICA LEAF - soothes & moisturizes dry skin.
  • MACADAMIA & ARGAN OIL - locks in moisture and keeps skin soft and nourished.
They are also available in a case of 50!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Anti Aging Below the Neck

The neck, an area often overlooked. Help fight against sagginess and wrinkles, while hydrating and moisturizing skin around the neck. We have an assortment of products available to use in service and as a retail item.

24 Carat Gold Collagen Crystal Neck Mask

Give your clients the "VIP Gold Treatment" with this add-on option.


  • High-performance moisturizing and hydration
  • Whitening
  • Repair of skin cells
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-free-radicals
  • Reduction of melanin
The nano gold particles in this mask are only 1/2,000 of the size of our pores and can easily penetrate into the dermis. It facilitates metabolism to help the skin cells self-produce collagen, fight free-radicals, and restores the skin to a revitalized, hydrated, and youthful appearance.

This clinically proven brightening oil-free gel for neck, bust, and arms helps impart a more youthful glow to these often-forgotten parts of the body. Natural antioxidants derived from green tea and rosemary help minimize the appearance of brown spots. 

All Alchimie Forever products are gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.

Want more ideas? Ask us! We have it all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Attention Lash Techs: You NEED This Tool!

If you are a lash technician, you have your hands full! It's hard work, and anything to make the process more simple is a no-brainer.

You need to try our new 2-in-1 Disposable Applicators!

These Flocked Tip Mascara Wands are a lifesaver.


  • Measurements: 4.45 inch 
  • Material: Polystyrene, Nylon
  • Packaging: 50 Pieces Per Bag x 8 Bags = Case of 400 Applicators 
This two-in-one disposable applicator is a must-have for lash extension artists. 

The flocked tip applicator can be used to apply adhesive remover, pre-treatments, and cleansing products. 

The applicator tip can also be used to apply glue for strip lashes. 

Use the spoolie section to help gently and easily brush through layers of lash extensions or for grooming brows.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Minty Fresh.....Feet? Eliminate Odors and Soothe Overworked Toes!

Perfect to add to your pedicures or to offer as retail, the newest socks from Voesh are going to knock your clients' socks off!

With Voesh Odor Relief Treatment Socks, your clients can put their fresh foot forward! Stop stinky feet with our new refreshing odor treatment socks. Experience an exhilarating blend of ingredients that eliminate funky odors and soothe overworked feet, and say hello to minty-fresh, relieved feet!


Key Ingredients for minty-fresh feet:

  • 3+ MINT BLEND - brings a cooling, tingly sensation for an invigorating experience.
  • PHYTONCIDE - seriously cleansing, deodorizing, and refreshing.
  • CICA LEAF - soothes & moisturizes dry skin.
  • SHEA BUTTER - easily absorbs into skin to leave it soft & hydrated. Great for:
    • The end of a long work day.
    • When your feet feel hot or sweaty.
    • After a run, workout or hike.
Available by the pair or in cases of 50 pair!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Whip You Into Shape!

My mother used to say, "Get this room in ship-shape by the time I get back"! If I only had a bottle of the Ship-Shape Spray Surface and Appliance Cleaner I would've been set!

We sold A LOT of these cleaners last week. Keep disinfecting and we'll get through this!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Check Out the NEW OPI Collection Here!

Fall Colors are my absolute favorite nail colors, and OPI's Fall Collection - the Muse of Milan Collection - does not disappoint!

Let Milan inspire your fall look with OPI’s Fall 2020 Collection. 

Explore the vibrant colors, textiles, and material trends of Milan's fashion scene.

From gorgeous blues, a beautiful wine, to browns, purples, and gray tones, this collection has it all.

Which is your favorite color?

Available in OPI Nail Lacquer, GelColor, and Powder Perfection - Muse of Milan is a must for Fall 2020!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Got Oxygen?

Why Oxygen?

Basic science teaches us our skin needs oxygen to stay healthy. As we age, circulation in our capillaries slows down, decreasing the amount of oxygen and other nutrients reaching our skin cells. This leads to dehydration of the skin. Oxygen promotes the skin's natural ability to heal against aging and environmental stresses. Adding oxygen to your facials will soothe and refresh your skin with a pampering spa experience!

Try introducing oxygen into your services by using the Oxygenating Complex Ampoule!

Ampoules provide immediately noticeable results and offer versatility with any skincare line or
treatment protocol. These sterile dosages of pure active ingredients feature a unique fluid carrier that provides quick penetration into the skin. Ampoules are intended to be used in conjunction with freeze-dried collagen masks, peel away marine masques, massage fleece masks, or under a favorite moisturizer.

It repairs, moisturizes, and softens the skin while providing an emollient to cutaneous superficial layers of the skin significantly increasing its oxygen intake.

Pro Tip: Apply the ampoule of choice to the client's skin and infuse the concentrated ingredients with ultrasonic or galvanic current. This is an effective, low-cost complement to facial treatments and can also be used on the neck, décolleté, arms, and hands.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Protect the Pout

Mask or no mask, the trend of lush lips has not diminished!

We have some great options to offer as an add on service, specifically for lips. They are great to use in service and for retail.

Lip Peel Off Mask

Transforms dry, wrinkled lips into lusciously smooth, fuller lips. Also helps to tone lip contour.

It is an alginate treatment that helps to prevent the unattractive signs of cutaneous aging and promote the appearance of the remodeling of the lip contour.

An exclusive complex of Marine collagen, Cornstarch, Chitosan, and Ascorbic acid penetrates deep into the lip tissues for intense cellular hydration. Immediately plumps fine lines, softens, and smoothes the skin surface for healthy, beautiful lips.

Re-plumps, reduce wrinkles and redefines the lip area.

This mask is an immediate, radiance-enhancing, intense smooth out express treatment for lip contour. Dryness and fine lines diminish and the lips feel soft, rosy, and soothed. 24K Gold helps infuse moisturizing doses of Elastin and Acetyl Tyrosine to condition and ensure a smooth, plump pout. Stimulates blood flow, promotes fullness, and re-hydrates for a long-lasting effect. Protects the lips against UV light, and keeps the lips moist to prevent them from accelerated aging and emergence of dullness or fine lines.

An anti-aging lip treatment that restores natural redness and dewy texture.

Visibly reduces the appearance of lines on the lips and around the lip area. It is packed with vitamins and peptides blend that helps to enhance lip moisture, increase lip volume, and improve the definition of the lip line. Lips are left fuller, smoother, and more youthful-looking.

For retail try the Milk 'n Honey Ultimate Lip Plump!

Perfect for spa treatments, express facials, or add-on services.

Blended with wholesome ingredients of Milk 'n Honey that exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Natural plant ingredients and marine-based collagen boost skin's firmness. Aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C, and rose oil soothe and nourish.

Suitable for all skin types and recommended for:
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Stressed skin
  • Reduce age and sunspots

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sugar is Sweeter

Sugar Scrub vs. Salt Scrub, which is best?

Sugar and Salt Scrubs both have many benefits. They are both effective in exfoliating the skin,
leaving glowing and soft skin. Sugar granules are a lot smaller than salt granules and dissolve faster too. Meaning sugar is best for sensitive skin, as it is less harsh!

Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Sugar Polish

Organic Fiji Sugar Polish and Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliant that doesn't sting or scratch the skin and is a simple way to transform dull, dry skin into a beautiful, healthy, moisturized glow. Sugar is a natural glycolic acid which helps slough off dead skin cells and promotes cell rejuvenation, while the anti-oxidant rich coconut oil penetrates to replenish, moisturize, and nourish the skin with vitamins to create one of the best body scrubs around.

Case Pack of (12) 20 oz. jars. Use in service, an offer as retail, for home use!

Biotone Sugar Body Polish - Coconut Crush

Decadent aromas of tropical coconut invigorate while natural exfoliants of Coconut Shell Powder make this the perfect body polish. Pure cane sugar and nature’s gentle buffers sweep away dry skin while it nourishes and conditions. With a rich, buttery feel it can be used daily to keep skin looking dewy soft and silky smooth

Also available in a retail size!

Lycon Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - Pink Grapefruit

A luxurious spa-quality, oil-free sugar scrub for the entire body. Gently exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time, without leaving an oily residue, which can clog skin and create breakouts. This premium formula rinses off completely, leaves no sticky or gritty residue, and never clogs drains or spa jets. Excellent to help dislodge ingrown hairs after waxing.

Perfect for retail!

Also Available in:

Pro Tip: A scrub is a great add on to all services, including waxing. Offering the same scrubs for retail is extremely effective, especially if a client mentions they love the product. Pair with an exfoliating glove, for a simple retail kit!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Save Your Ears with Silicone Mask Strap Holders - Great for Retail!

Modern problems require modern solutions. Now that most states have mask mandates and nearly all states have mask protocols for workers, long term daily mask wear is just part of life. With this "new normal" comes new problems... sore ears. These amazing silicone extensions buckle relieve the pressure from the ears and gently disperse it across the back of the head for increased comfort. They are easy to use - just attach the ear loops to the soft knobs on the hook extender. There are 6 knob hooks that make it easy to adjust to your ideal length for maximum mask comfort. Set of 4 Ear Saver Mask Extenders, 5.7" x 0.59" Each.


  • FREE YOUR EARS - Relieve tension on your ears while securing masks more firmly to the face. Great choice for front line workers who have to wear face masks, healthcare workers, anyone who wears a mask for long periods of time. No more ear sores!
  • QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL - Soft, lightweight, comfortable, odorless, durable, easy to clean and reusable.
  • IDEAL FOR ADJUSTING FACE MASK TENSION - Total 6 knob hooks on the holder, handy for the people that need to adjust their mask for a better fit, no matter how big or small their head is.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Works great with any mask with ear loops.
  • NICE VALUE - Includes 4 ear savers... clear white, light gray, sky blue amd pink. Great for all ages!
  • Great New Retail Product!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aloe Vera: A Summer Staple

Aloe Vera may be one of the most well known super ingredients for skincare. Aloe vera gel is a natural ingredient that can improve acne, sunburns, skin irritation, and much more!

How are you incorporating Aloe Vera into your summer sessions?

For waxing, try the Lycon Aloe Vera Magic!

This strip wax is perfect for sensitive skin. Exceptional grip yet leaves skin silky smooth and comfortable.

As a skincare or post waxing add- on, try the Aloe Vera Wet Collagen Mask!

This treatment uses a variety of soothing plant extracts, vitamins, and hydrating compounds to improve circulation, increase moisture, and balance pH levels. It heals lesions, reduces inflammation, and prevents blemishes and scars.

Uses: Combination, oily, acne skin. It calms irritation and prevents scarring.

Want more ideas to introduce super ingredients to your services? Ask us- we have it all!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Cool Face Mask!

Face Masks are the new rage these days! Who would have thought?! But it's better to be safe then sorry, so check out these black face masks. I like them because they are super comfortable and you get 5 in a pack!....but what do I know, I'm just a shipping guy!

Check out our Black Face Masks here:

Sunday, August 2, 2020


We live in a world where maintaining a safe distance from one another, and wearing masks, is important to our everyday health. And while many businesses work to maintain these guidelines, it can be hard to know where to stand when things get busy.

We have added a selection of adhesive signs to help!

Adhesive Vinyl Sign- "Please Wear A Mask"

Remind everyone who enters your location that a mask is required to keep everyone safe. The adhesive vinyl sign has a sticky back and can adhere to most flat surfaces.

  • Encourage the use of safety masks in your business
  • Size: 7" x 10"
  • Material - Adhesive Vinyl
  • Made in the USA

These durable floor decals are designed to adhere to a variety of hard floor or carpet surfaces. We offer a hard floor version and a carpet version - the ideal carpet surfaces are those with a short nap and a tight weave containing minimal texture such as those often used in public-traffic areas.

  • Blue non-slip laminated vinyl with removable adhesive
  • 12" Diameter

These Social Distancing Floor Decals were designed for Spas, Salons, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, Offices, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Gas Stations, and anywhere else that a line of people gather. 

They can be applied to floor surfaces and are removable so you can re-adjust or re-locate whenever you want. They are easy to apply & remove. The stickers are UV protected, waterproof, and fade resistant. The 11 Inch size is easily noticeable! They are made of premium removable gloss adhesive vinyl PVC.

Need more PPE products? We have you covered!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Spa Front Desk: the First Impression

First impressions are important, especially in your business. Are you in need of an update?

Take a look at our best-selling reception desks that look modern, yet still feel warm and inviting! We offer a great selection of sizes and styles to meet your needs!

Cameo Reception Desk

Reception Desk with locking drawer, computer ledge, & wire grommets. This beautiful reception
desk is will add a warm and inviting touch to your waiting area. Made in the USA.

The Special-Order Amati Standing Reception Desk features an elevated customer ledge, steel legs, and left-side return. The Amati offers ample storage space with four drawers, two storage cabinets, and bag-storage shelves. Made in the USA.

Technical Information:
  • Measures: 87"W x 24"D x 34"D x 36"H x 42"H
  • Elevated customer ledge
  • Steel legs
  • Left-side return
  • 4 drawers
  • 2 Storage cabinets with doors & shelves 
  • Bag storage
Edge Standing Reception Desk

The Edge Standing Reception Desk features a sleek and simple look. It is a free-standing unit with two drawers, locking cash till and a shelf for a computer or purse. The Edge Standing Reception Desk has a large Customer Ledge as well as a spacious work surface for the receptionist. The simple but extremely functional desk will be a great addition to your salon. Made in the USA.

Technical Information:
  • Measures: 36"W x 24"D x 44"H
  • 2 Push-to-open drawers
  • Locking cash till
  • Lower shelf for computer or purse
  • Wire grommets 
Whether you have a small space or a large space, we have a large assortment of all sizes- ensuring something for everyone!