Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In Service Take Homes!

A little effort goes a long way, especially during these hard times! Are you looking for a gift for your loyal clients? We have what you need to show you appreciate them, without breaking the bank!

Use a cooling eye mask in treatment, and gift it to your client for home use! We have the cutest options for summer, and your cost is only $1.75 per mask. Plus they are individually wrapped, making them 100% hygienic.

My favorite is the Cucumber Gel Eye Mask!

Treat your client’s puffy, tired eyes with these fun eco-friendly gel eye masks made from biodegradable TPU resembling refreshing cucumbers.

Usage: Cool in the refrigerator and use during or after facial treatments. Warm in a pan of water for a relaxing and calming experience.

Also available:

The masks can be easily cleaned using soap and water, allowing you to provide them as an after-treatment gift to your clients. Do not freeze or boil.

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