Sunday, June 14, 2020

Separating Your Salon: Beautiful Partitions Available Now!

Post-lockdown, salons everywhere are looking to increase their safety in the salon. And while I don't
know that everyone will wear face masks and face shields from now until forever, there are some things that might stick around. 

One of those things is partitions between styling stations and shampoo bowls. And while there are some portable ones that look good for now, but might not fit in with your overall aesthetic for the long term, we have some that are beautifully custom-made that can be customized to fit just your look!

With multiple options, including clear or frosted acrylic, or no clear acrylic at all, as well as wheels vs stationary, and a wide variety of laminate colors, not to mention the variety of sizes - these partitions have been beautifully designed to fit right in with your space. 

Personally, I am a fan of the fixed partition with the frosted acrylic, but they are all beautiful in their own right. Which would match your salon?

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