Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Sterilization Game!

Our most popular piece of equipment this week was this compact and sleek UV Sterilizer

Many people are amping up their cleaning and sterilization game during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, but for spas and salons, this level of cleaning and sanitizing is nothing new. 

However, spas and salons will probably fare better in the future by being more vocal about their cleaning and sanitizing practices. Now that the fast spread of infection is in the front of everyone's minds, your clients will be looking at you to ensure all proper measures are being taken to ensure their safety.

This might be the time to replace old sterilizers, or maybe even the time to upgrade to an Autoclave. Whatever your method for cleaning and sterilizing, we suggest you tell your clients all about it - make signs, explain to them the process as part of the services - whatever it takes to set your client's mind at ease!

Check out this compact and sleek sterilizer - our clients are loving it!

This UV Sterilizer can be used to sterilize brushes, combs, manicure implements, and other salon tools. It features an on/off touch screen and an LCD digital timer that can be set from 45 to 120 minutes. Includes a convenient, removable stainless steel basket for loading items and features a smooth black, exterior finish that will accent any salon or work station. Measures: 14"L x 10"H x 9"D.

This professional UV tool sterilizer is ideal for sterilizing implements in spas and salons. Easy and convenient to operate, UV sterilizer effectively disinfects. Replacement Bulb: T5 6W UV

Please read the instructions carefully before using.


  1. For first time usage, please clean the cabinet and the metal basket thoroughly. Make sure both the cabinet and basket are completely dry before operation.
  2. Put the tools that need disinfection into basket in the cabinet, then close the door.
  3. Connect the power supply.
  4. Turn on the POWER switch on the right side of the cabinet. The LCD timer will illuminate. The default time setting is 45 minutes.
  5. Press the "OFF/ON" button once. The UV lamp will turn on, and the digital timer will start to count down.
  6. To adjust the time setting, press the "Timers+" or "Timers-" button and hold for 3-44 seconds. Once the LCD timer starts flashing, user can set the desired time.
  7. When the machine beeps and the timer on the digital display counts down to "Q", it indicates the disinfection is complete. When the door opens, the UV light will go out.
  8. Remove items for use once sterilization is complete.

Close the door before starting the machine to protect from UV light. Prolonged exposure to UV light can be hazardous to your health; please do not expose yourself directly to the UV light. When cleaning the machine, use a wet cloth or towel with a mild detergent. After usage, disconnect the power line. If the machine is not going to be used for a long period of time, or needs any maintenance, please make sure the power is disconnected.

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