Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Spring Cleaning Facials

Exploring new menu ideas? Help your clients say goodbye to dull winter skin with a deep cleansing facial!

Deep Cleansing Ampoule / 1 oz.
Try the Deep Cleansing Ampoules by Rosa Graf for amazing results! This ampoule causes a change in sebaceous structure and softens comedones. 

For the best results apply the first half under a mask. It is especially effective when pairing with the Rosemary Deep Cleaning Mask.

This treatment reduces the appearance of broken capillaries. It stimulates the circulation, minimizes the appearance of red lines, which makes it effective in combating the visible signs of aging. Rosemary drains toxins that accumulate in the skin. It’s antimicrobial and astringent properties help cleanse the skin by clearing clogged pores, removing dead skin cells, and stimulating cell renewal. It prevents excess oil buildup that can lead to inflamed pores.

After the mask is removed use the other half of the ampoule and massage into the skin! 

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