Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Just In - NEW 10lb Wax Warmers!

Large Wax warmers are one of the most popular pieces of equipment we sell, and now we have another to offer our clients! Check out the Wax Supply 10lb XL Wax Warmer:
Wax Supply's XL wax warmer is the largest of Wax Supply's collection. Designed to evenly distribute heat and melt 10 LB of hard wax. Manufactured with the finest materials, Wax Supply's high-grade wax warmer is the ideal solution for practicing professionals. Wax Supply's warmer also includes a complimentary 2.2 LB bag of Wax Supply's blue hard wax.

Quality You Can Trust:
Engineered with polycarbonate, a thermoplastic infused with metal plating. PC is classified as a thermoplastic do to do with the way the material responds to heat.

Our adjustable temperature control dial maximizes the esthetician's full control. Always maintain your wax within your preferred temperature setting. An LED light will illuminate when the machine has reached the desired temperature setting. Never worry about overheating your wax, enhance your supply with Wax Supply's professional XL wax warmer.

Product Benefits:
  • Durable: Aluminum inner casing.
  • Adjustable: Control your desired temperature.
  • 1 Year Warranty: Reliability you can trust.
  • Elegant Design: Designed in Italy for professionals.
And if you are looking for new bulk wax to purchase, check out Wax Supply's full line here:

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