Thursday, January 16, 2020

NEW Keratin Lash Lift Kits Available at Pure Spa Direct

Lash Lift Deluxe Kit by 3D Beauty
Lashes, lashes, everywhere! 

One of the #1 category of services we hear about all the time is lashes. Whether clients are tinting them, lifting them, perming them, or extending them, lashes are a lucrative business!

Pure Spa Direct wants to offer our clients the best we can find in all categories, and our lash category just grew! NOW offering Keratin Lash Lift by 3D Beauty

A world leader in all things lashes, the 3D Beauty Keratin Lash Lift is one of the trendiest services on the market today.

Kit contains all of the tools needed to perform a successful lash lift including: 

  • Lotions
  • Basic applicators
  • Exclusive Keratin Lash Conditioner 
  • Includes enough product for 15-30 procedures. 
  • Includes complete instructional booklet. 
  • For professional use only.
Safe and innovative way to curl natural eyelashes and keep them lifted for 6-8 weeks! The Deluxe Kit has all of the tools a stylist needs to deliver a perfect lash lift each and every time! 

Kit Contains:
  • Over 20 pairs of silicon lifting pads
  • Extra bio gel pads 
  • Exclusive Keratin Lash Conditioner  
  • Includes enough product for 30-60 treatments. 
  • Includes full instructional booklet (not shown). 
  • For professional use only.

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