Thursday, December 19, 2019

For a DEEP Clean

I talk to a lot of estheticians who are performing a signature, or "basic" facial in their offerings. A lot of times this is ideal for first-time clients. Is this something you offer?

One of my favorite equipment add ons for that would be a Vacuum/Spray System. I love this because it is super simple, but also extremely effective!

Lina Vacuum & Spray

The Vacuum/ Spray Units features work together to cleanse the skin and rid it of impurities!

What does the vacuum do?

The Vacuum is similar to a miniature household vacuum cleaner. It cleans pores by suctioning out deeply embedded dirt and oil, while simultaneously giving your client a deep, penetrating massage.

This procedure will stimulate blood flow. Increased blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin and removes toxins. The vacuum cleanses by loosening debris and oils on the surface of the skin. The size and style of the cupping glass determine whether the primary function taking place is cleansing or massage.

What does the spray do?

The spray is used to flush out the freshly vacuumed pores, thoroughly cleaning the surface of your client's skin.

The spray component creates a fine, even mist, and can be used during treatments to rinse, moisten, soothe the skin, or apply the product. The most commonly used products are toner, thin serums, or thin ampoules!

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