Friday, August 9, 2019

Who Said Cranberry?

Summer is winding down, and it is time to start thinking about fall. When we think about fall these days, what's the first thing that pops into our heads? PUMPKIN. Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE. And as wonderful as a good pumpkin latte or pumpkin mask is, it is also what everyone else is doing.

Do you want to offer your clients a special fall treat, but also want to stand out? What else is there?

How about.....CRANBERRY?

Ohmygosh, it is so nice and cozy and warm, but a little unique, too, right? Are you dying to know what we can offer by way of cranberry?

Cranberry Pedicures
Start with delicious Cranberry Mineral Bath, scrub away the summer with Cranberry Scrub, refresh  with a Cranberry Moisture Mask, then give those toes a delicious massage with Cranberry Butter Cream or Massage Oil. Simply delightful!

Cranberry Facials
Offer your clients an effective Cranberry Facial, featuring our incredibly popular Cranberry AHA Mask! This Cranberry treatment utilizes fruit acids and anti-oxidants to moisturize while gently eliminating dead skin cells. It reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots, leaving the skin more supple, taut and radiant.

What do you think? Will you jump on the Cranberry Train with us?

PS: If neither Cranberry nor Pumpkin do it for you, check out some of our other popular scents here:

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