Friday, August 30, 2019

Wax On. Wax OFF!

Don't cry over spilled milk, right? However, spilled wax, that might be something to cry about!

If you aren't using a wax solvent for your services, you are seriously missing out! These concentrated formulas make cleaning up a breeze, and keep your space looking as fresh as possible. 

While we have several options, and I have narrowed it down to our Top 3 sellers!

  • Biodegradable
  • Contains no ammonia, no caustic and no phosphate
  • Dissolves and cleans wax rapidly
  • Enjoyable citrus fruit scent
  • Multi-use - it can eliminate all kinds of residues
  • Harmless to equipment
  • Harmless to the environment and specialist’s health
  • Minimum usage cost as a small quantity is sufficient to remove the wax
Miracle Citrus is a very effective salon and equipment cleaning fluid formulated with quality orange and lemon extracts. Leaves a mild, refreshing citrus fragrance. Removes both hot and strip waxes from clothes, furniture, carpets, wax heaters, and salon equipment.

ReMoveIt not only works well but comes in an easy to use spray bottle! Huge waxing chains across the US are using this product!

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