Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Must Have For Unclogging Pores!

The Spray machine helps achieve a thorough cleansing of the surface of the skin. It is cool, soothing and has a pleasant fragrance. It is used to flush out the pores, especially after suction and extraction of blackheads or pimples. The spray rinses the skin and also helps restore the skins acid mantle.

To Fill Your Spray Bottles mix two parts distilled water and one part astringent or skin lotion. The containers are filled about 2/3rds. Normally two bottles will be filled one with astringent for normal or oily skin and one with mild skin lotion for mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Action Of The Spray:
The spray stimulates nerve endings and activates cell metabolism. It can be used on broken capillaries as the spray creates an excellent light massage that exercises and strengthens the capillary walls by causing them to expand and contract. (Place a towel over the client's shoulders while spraying to prevent moisture from dripping down the neck.) The client can be handed a face bowl or tissue can be placed across the chest to protect the client's body from the spray.

The spray is also used for:
The second step to cleansing.
Cleansing after suction and squeezing of blackheads and pimples.
and after the mask is removed.

The Vacuum Or Suction Machine:
The suction machine has three glass suction cups:
1) Comedone Extractor (blackheads)
2) Sebum Extractor
3) Massager

The suction machine is helpful in the deep pore cleansing of the skin. It acts like a miniature vacuum cleaner, to suction out dirt, grease, and other impurities. It also gives a deep penetrating massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.

The suction machine may be used on all skin types except in areas that are heavily couperosed (Broken Capillaries) On an oily skin the suction is always performed after Desincrustation and/or Dr. Jacquet movement.

The main function of the machine is to draw impurities and debris from the pores and follicles but may be strong enough to dislodge blackheads. Therefore following the vacuum step, blackheads and grease deposits will be more easily extracted with manual pressure.

When treating Acne skin, the suction cup does not slide over the skin as it does on unblemished skin. Instead, a spot suction can be applied directly over a blemish. The glass suction cups have a hole that the finger is placed over when the machine is in operation. When the finger is released the suction is broken. A thin film of cleansing lotion is placed on the skin during the treatment. This helps to prevent pulling of the skin.

When the skin is thin, dry or aging, a light suction is used. A stronger suction is used on oily skin. The suction treatment is not recommended for Rosacea skin as suction tends to cause the area to become inflamed.

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