Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Best-Selling Skin Brightening Treatments

Let's talk skin brightening. There is so much out there, and so many ways to add these products to your treatments. Want to see what works?

Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask
I can personally tell you, this really works!

Ideal for sensitive or sensitized skin, including after cosmetic treatments. Reduces redness and is recommended for rosacea-prone skin.

Apply after anti-redness treatment, non-ablative laser treatments, after fillers, after microdermabrasion, and after light peels. Makes an awesome retail item too!

24 Karat Gold by Voesh
Voesh's Modeling Gel Mask is made with 24 Karat Gold, ginger, and berry extracts to brighten and tighten skin. This premium professional facial service helps reveal your client's best skin instantly!

What better add on treatment can you offer? 24 Karat gold? Yes, please!

Strawberry Brightening Mask
This complexion brightening treatment is enriched with an antioxidant synergism of fruit extracts as well as Vitamin C, E. Aided by the addition of the moisture-boosting properties of Hyaluronic acid. It helps to balance the skin’s natural protective barrier while improving texture and decreasing signs of aging and sun damage.

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