Thursday, April 4, 2019

Health and Safety for Your Clients!

Protecting your clients and staff means a lot in this day an age.  The responsibility as a business owner to ensure the safety of his/her employees and, most importantly, your clients being catered to is so significant. Business owners should be actively involved in making sure their employees and clients are being provided with a safe, clean environment with the appropriate tools and protection to ensure a positive experience. 

The moment a client recognizes a lack of cleanliness, there is automatically a negative connotation for that business.  At Pure Spa Direct, we offer all the cleaning supplies you could need to make sure your Salon, Spa, Nail, and Beauty-related businesses are spotless.

Providing a safe environment for your employees is the next step.
Employees that are handling chemicals on a daily basis, should be using Rubber/Latex Gloves and a protective Chemical Resistant Cape or Apron.  Employees who are dealing with dust &debris along with chemicals should be investing in Respiratory and Vision Protection.

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