Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Freight Shipments And You!

You may have seen on our site a note with a yellow truck emoji that says "Note: Actual shipping costs may vary from those shown at check out. We will contact you if any adjustment is required... or call us at 800-434-0018 and request a shipping quote... ask about curbside delivery, inside delivery and white glove delivery options!"

Large items, as well as heavy, fragile and/or items that ship fully assembled, are not able to ship via UPS, FedEx or USPS, which are the only shipping methods the website can calculate due to how freight companies calculate costs. Here is a brief rundown on the different shipping options and what information may be needed to get the best and accurate shipping costs on freight shipments. We are more than happy to get a shipping estimate for you prior to placing an order. If you're placing an order online for an item that ships via freight, we will contact you with the actual shipping costs.

Shipping Method Options:
  1. Curbside Delivery / Most Basic Service: Trucking Company delivers to the curb/outside of business. The receiver is responsible to bring inside.   
  2. Inside Delivery / Intermediate Service: Freight company brings shipment inside the FIRST entrance of the building. NO DEBRIS REMOVAL. NO STAIRS/ELEVATORS included.
  3. White Glove Delivery / Premium Service: Freight company brings shipment into the building, into the desired room, unpacks, and removes packing debris. NO ASSEMBLY INCLUDED
If you are interested in a delivery service above the standard curbside delivery, here are common questions regarding the delivery address that are required in order to obtain an accurate estimate:
  • Is this a Business or Residential delivery? **Please note that residential shipments tend to be more expensive than commercial addresses. If you are operating the business out of your home, the address is still zoned as a residential address with the freight companies. With residential deliveries, inside delivery is to the garage, not inside the residence
  • Is there a loading dock?   If there is no loading dock, where is the parking lot or drop off location? 
  • Is the parking lot compatible for a Tractor Trailer to park and unload?
  • Is there street parking? 
  • Are there stairs to get into the building, if so how many? 
  • Is this a 1st Floor Delivery? If not, what floor?
  • If delivery is to the 2nd floor or higher, is there access to a Freight elevator?   
  • If on the 2nd floor or higher and no elevator is available, how many steps are there to the delivery floor?
  • Once the equipment is on the correct floor, how long (estimated yards) is the walk to the desired space? 
  • Are there stairs to get to the desired space, if so how many? 
  • Are there any narrow hallways, doorways or sharp turns? 
  • How wide is the door to enter the desired space? 
  • Are there any other obstacles or unusual instructions to consider for delivery? 
Other items we need to be aware of regarding the delivery location include if the address is a school or hospital or a limited access road or delivery location. 

Receiving a freight shipment does also vary from receiving a standard delivery. It is VITAL when receiving a freight shipment to note on the bill of lading (BOL) "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" when signing. This covers you in the event of any damages that may have occurred during transit that are not visible. If you do not write "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" on the BOL, you will be responsible for any and all costs involved if there are any damages. By not noting this on the BOL, you are legally confirming that the shipment was delivered in perfect condition. Other things to keep in mind include:
  • The shipment must be inspected for damages prior to signing the Bill of Lading (BOL).
    • If there are obvious signs of damages, you must detail it on the BOL prior to signing (the driver cannot leave until you sign this).
    • If there are no signs of damage, you must write "Subject to Inspection" on the bill of lading before signing.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of the marked and signed BOL.
  • Open and inspect all shipments immediately and report any damages within 24 hours of delivery.
  • If you will not be there to personally accept the shipment, please provide the same instructions for receiving the shipment to the person accepting the shipment on your behalf.
  • For international clients, please note that Pure Spa Direct will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur after delivery to the address on your order. If delivering to a freight forwarder, we will not replace or refund any loss or damage reported after the order has been sent on to its final destination.
This seems like a lot of scary information, however, we want to help protect you and your shipments in the event of any damages!

You can always give us a call if you have any questions on if an item ships via freight or to obtain a shipping estimate!

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