Saturday, December 30, 2017

Clear Wax

Are you looking to add something new and interesting to your waxing business? Check out our selection of clear and translucent waxes:

Starpil StarSoft Clear - Stripless Hard Wax from Spain / Non-Polymer / 1 Kg. (2.2 Lbs.) Bag of Blocks X 4 Bags = 4 Kg. (8.8 Lbs.) Case

Specially formulated for extra sensitive skin types. Once melted this all clear formula produces a flawless waxing experience. Starsoft is a pine rosin-free formula with neurosensory properties intended to produce a more pleasant waxing experience for your clients. 2.2lbs/1000g/ 35oz Bag


  • Very Low Melting Point
  • Formulated for extra sensitive skin types
  • Reduces Irritation caused after waxing
  • Free of any Pine Rosins
  • Free of any perfumes, coloring agents and preservatives

ItalWax Top Formula Synthetic Film Wax - Crystal - Hard Stripless Wax Beads from Italy / 1.65 lb. Bag
ItalWax Top Formula Synthetic Film Wax - Crystal - Hard Stripless Wax Beads. Semi-transparent wax has superior elasticity. Premium level synthetic wax is intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits). The wax is free of natural pine resins, therefore it never causes allergy reaction. Synthetic hard film wax Crystal has very low melting temperature is extra-flexible and doesn’t create stretchy threads.

Epillyss Freelyss Hard Wax - Colorless Stripless Wax / 16 oz. Bolero
This natural, colorless stripless wax is manufactured specifically to provide a depilation without residue on the skin. Made with a natural resin and does not contain any dye, parabens or artificial fragrance - it meets the ecological requirements now in demand. Bolero container Hard Wax - 16 oz / 476 mL.

DEPILEVE Crystal Clear Wax / 14 oz.
DEPILEVE Crystal Clear Wax provides a smooth and liquid application with excellent grip on fine and short hairs. Non-sticky formula for all types of skin. 14 oz.

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