Saturday, November 25, 2017

Add Some Flair To Your Hair (And Nails!)

Your treatments don't have to be bland!  Be bold with these funky nail implements and hair tools your clients are sure to love!

Ninja Swordsman Titanium Multi Color 6 1/4" Duo Set
One 6-1/4" offset shear and one 6-1/4" 30 tooth thinning shear-both with adjustable tension locks and removable finger rests.

Titanium Multi-Color Hair Shaper
Lightweight hair shaper cuts sideways, plus up and down. Perfect for blending, texturizing and special effects. Includes hair shaper, stainless steel blade and 3 guards.

OPI AccuNip Titanium Precision Cuticle Nipper by OPI
OPI AccuNip Titanium Precision Cuticle Nipper has ergonomically-correct handles that allow for the utmost in control. Extended contoured edges deliver accuracy. Features a double action spring, and single action spring (included) allows implement to open full for single blade action with either hand.

Cuticle Nippers Titanium 1/4 Jaw
Titanium Single Spring Cuticle Nippers are the sleek, stylish way to remove hangnails and trim cuticles with precision. Ergonomic handle and sleek rainbow design make these a must-have.

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